Big Brother's JC Mounduix Caught Touching A Contestant While He Was Sleeping

It wouldn't be a proper Big Brother cast without at least one contestant who takes it too far. This year's habitual line stepper is JC Mounduix. The 28-year-old professional dancer has made a lot of jokes at the expense of his fellow housemates this season. Some of them have been received in good fun. Others? Not so much. Like the time he used an ice cream scoop to cup their private areas. Or that time he barged in on Haleigh while she was in the bathroom and then propped the door open. Well, now we can add another tally to the not-received-well-column.

Mounduix was in bed with contestant Tyler Crispen, who was asleep, when he began touching his arms, kissing his armpits and generally behaving in a very touchy and overly familiar manner. Crispen later told fellow housemates he didn't sleep well and would not be sharing a bed with Mounduix in the future. It hasn't turned into a particularly huge controversy inside the house, but some fans of Big Brother, however, haven't been as interested in moving on. Many have taken to social media to call on CBS to remove Mounduix from the house to serve as an example.

It's unclear what may happen moving forward. Rumors are swirling that producers have talked to JC already this season about some of his other antics, but unless Tyler actually asks for him to be kicked out of the house (and it's very unclear whether he's interested in doing that), there's a strong chance he'll remain with just another warning. Whether that's fair or not will be up to viewers to decide on their own.

There are many reality shows on television which require contestants to live together, but between the mix of people put into the house together and the fact that it takes place over an entire summer, there always seems to be more of these controversies that pop up on Big Brother. There's also no way for producers to quietly bury misbehavior either. Cameras are rolling all the time, and if something happens, the live feeds will pick it up and fans will immediately put it on Twitter. Some controversy is always good, of course, but there's a big difference between a fight or a shomance that causes the audience to invest more and something that makes viewers more uncomfortable, like when contestants have gotten in trouble for alleged racism in the past.

There are currently 8 contestants left on Big Brother 20, including JC and Tyler. One would imagine, even if JC sticks around, he probably hasn't earned a ton of votes from the eliminated contestants who will make up the jury, but then again, there have been more than a few WTF votes in Big Brother history. So, we'll all have to stay tuned to see what's going to happen. Fortunately, you'll be able to find all that Big Brother coverage here at CinemaBlend.

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