Big Brother Live Feed Spoilers: Who Won The Veto

Big Brother 20 Haleigh

The Power of Veto was once again up for grabs on Saturday and -- spoiler alert -- someone won it. The feeds were down forever on Saturday, but we now know who holds the Veto and we have some speculation over what's about to happen this week.

Here's who's holding the power this week in the Big Brother house...

Head of Household





Won the Veto?


Veto used?

Not yet.

Veto Kaycee

The feeds were down for an eternity yesterday. For those of you who don't subscribe to CBS All Access, this season, rather than showing Jeff interviews or puppies or fish during the live feed down-time, CBS has been showing collections of old episodes from past seasons. It's a great shift from past filler and really digs into the nostalgia of the series. But it begins to lose its luster when the same cycle of episodes repeats over and over in a single day. Which was the case on Saturday when the originally fun but eventually tiresome Zingbot episodes repeated multiple times throughout the day while we waited for the Veto competition to end. By the time the feeds came back on, it was well past midnight EST. But we do have a winner! Kaycee holds the Power of Veto this week.

Here are some of the key bullet points from the time between the nominations and now.

Angela told Haleigh that Fessy's the target. Haleigh was under the assumption that she was the target, but she's been corrected on that. As of right now, pretty much everyone but JC (and possibly Sam) are hoping to get Fessy out. They see him as a bigger comp threat, and in a physical situation, they're probably right. I'm assuming JC will make good on his promise to vote Fessy out if it comes to it, but I won't be surprised if he continues to try to turn the tides to get Haleigh out instead of Fessy.

Brett and Tyler had a big conversation about their game futures. This happened during Big Brother After Dark. The Veto competition was still happening at this point and the feeds were technically still down, but Big Brother After Dark was airing and we got to see Brett and Tyler sitting around the HoH room waiting while the Veto competition was happening. Not sure why they couldn't show us this on the live feeds, but that's a complaint for another time. Among the things these two discussed was the sneakiness of JC (an important shared observation) and their concern over where they stand within the remains of Level 6. Both are worried they're the odd man out. They solidified a Final 2, which may or may not be real on either side. Still, it was an interesting development. And it makes me wonder how many other key conversations are happening in these weird competition pockets of downtime.

*Kaycee won *the Veto. The feeds came back on late Saturday night to reveal that Kaycee won the Veto. It sounds like it was a physical competition involving balls and tentacles. And it also sounds like Fessy may have come in second. But Kaycee the fearless football player pulled off the win.

So, will she used it?

I'm guessing no. They want Fessy to go this week, and if they change their mind on that, Haleigh would be the likely alternative. So not using the Veto leaves them with that option if they want it. Plus, I doubt Angela will want to have to put up a replacement nominee. So unless Level 6 hatches a new plan between now and Monday, it's unlikely that Kaycee will use the Veto.

Of course, there's still the Battle Back. The houseguests may have an inkling that it's coming. They know there's a chance anyway. So whoever goes this week will have a shot at coming back.

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