Rick And Morty Just Won Its First Emmy For Its Wildest Episode

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Adult Swim's animated original series Rick and Morty certainly took America by storm when it premiered, and the show has accomplished quite a few things in the time since. Those who thought the show might have peaked when it caused small riots and a public apology from McDonald's might still be correct, although the show's latest achievement is certainly a bit more prestigious, if not more impressive. The show just snagged its first Creative Arts Emmy win for Outstanding Animated Program, and it's all thanks to one of Season 3's most iconic episodes to date, "Pickle Rick."

Rick and Morty's "Pickle Rick" beat out some stiff competition in the Outstanding Animated Program category, as three of its competitors have actually been past winners of the category. The episode where Rick turns himself into a pickle out of boredom (and possibly to avoid a family therapy session) was declared the winner over submissions from past winners The Simpsons, South Park, Bob's Burgers, and first-time nominee Big Hero Six: The Series. It was also the first time the show has been nominated for an Emmy, despite having been on the air since 2013.

The Emmy win is surely of little surprise to the Rick and Morty staff and fanbase, but still welcome news nonetheless. The episode, which was partly inspired by the Emmy-winning series Breaking Bad, quickly gained popularity after its airing, with the phrase "I'm Pickle Rick" and merchandise based off of the episode spreading like wildfire. The episode has plenty of famous fans, including the Game of Thrones showrunners and Peter Dinklage, who provided commentary for the physical copy of the episode. "Pickle Rick" had so many Emmy connections prior to its win that in hindsight it now feels obvious to me that it was the only clear choice to win. The only disappointment surrounding it might be from creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, who probably would've loved that Emmy back when they were discussing contracts to ensure the show's future.

Rick and Morty's Emmy victory was not the only win for Adult Swim at the 2018 Creative Arts Emmys, as Robot Chicken took home an award for Outstanding Short-Form Animated Program. The award is the fifth in the show's history, and the fourth time it has won in that specific category. The adult animation block made sure to give some love to both shows on social media, and fans responded with excitement for everyone involved:

Rick and Morty Season 4 is still in development at Adult Swim with no release date on the horizon, but there's still plenty of promising television shows premiering over the next couple months. Check out the latest offerings via CinemaBlend's fall premiere guide.

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