Rick And Morty Season 4 Just Got Some Positive News For Once

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Rick and Morty is one of television's biggest animated shows at the moment, so when Dan Harmon dropped the news that Adult Swim still had yet to renew the series for Season 4, fans were shocked. The fans weren't the only ones confused either, as even one of the show's writers came forward and noted his concern that the network's dragging of feet could delay a new season until late 2019. Fortunately, the latest news on Season 4 sounds good for once, as Dan Harmon provided an update to everyone following the situation on where things are at currently:

I'm optimistic right now, at the moment. Negotiations are tough. It's an unprecedented situation, and everybody's being real cool and wants to make an agreement happen so that we can get started. That's about all I can say.

Dan Harmon didn't go into explicit detail as to what the "unprecedented situation," was that was holding up Rick and Morty Season 4, but had previously revealed on Kevin Smith's Smodcast the gist was that Turner Broadcasting was dragging its feet on contract negotiations with Harmon and co-creator of Rick and Morty, Justin Roiland. Negotiations are always tough, but even so, it's hard to believe what restrictions would stop Turner from getting those two back to churning out episodes as soon as possible. In either case, it's good to hear Harmon is optimistic about how negotiations are going, as it probably means Rick and Morty will soon be granted an official Season 4 renewal here soon.

Dan Harmon was certainly in better spirits when he talked to Den of Geek than when he and co-creator Justin Roiland first tweeted about the situation going on with Turner. Both Harmon and Roiland assured fans the hold up on Rick and Morty had nothing to do with their want to make more episodes, but that Turner was the one holding things up. Of course, it takes two to tango and there's also the fact that neither Harmon or Roiland seemed willing to sign off on whatever deal was proposed. But since they've crafted a massively popular show, who can blame them for wanting to get paid? That's assuming that's what the issue is anyway; it's entirely possible the contract contained other things that Roiland and Harmon didn't agree to.

Rick and Morty airs daily at various times on Adult Swim. For information regarding upcoming shows that do have new seasons or an official premiere date, be sure to visit and bookmark our midseason and summer premiere guides. For more on Rick and Morty, check out who the creators managed to get to do commentary for the show's "Pickle Rick," episode.

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