Kanye West's Favorite Show Is Rick And Morty, In Case You Were Wondering

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Rick and Morty finally got that renewal the world has been waiting on, which means everyone will be able to Get Schwifty while watching Season 4 of the series. Lots of fans are stoked about it, including rap superstar Kanye West, who proclaimed the show as his favorite in a recent post on Twitter, in case anyone was wondering:

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Apparently, there's Rick and Morty fans, and then there's Kanye West. West boasted in his tweet he's seen every episode five times, and given that the show has only aired 31 episodes to date, he must know each of them by heart by now. Kanye's revelation was met with a mixed reaction both from his fans and the Rick and Morty fans, which is only natural as Kanye West is often more polarizing than anything. Let's just wait and see if his fandom storms the stage at the 2018 Emmy's should the animated series get overlooked for an award.

Kanye West probably won't try and pull a stunt like that, although fans should expect the rapper to be involved in some way with the Rick and Morty universe very soon. Co-creator of the series Justin Roiland reached out to West after seeing his tweet, and asked the rapper to hang out. Like any fan who just got asked by one of the creators of their favorite thing to hang, West responded accordingly:

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Kanye West and Justin Roiland arranging a hangout now is about as optimal timing as it gets for Rick and Morty, as the show is just now starting up work for Season 4. With a full season to plan and one of the world's biggest celebrities coming to the studio, it shouldn't be hard for these guys to figure out some way to utilize West in the upcoming season. Obviously Blu-ray commentary is out for now considering the episodes for Season 4 have yet to be made, so we have to speculate Roiland and the team want him for voice work.

Voice acting for an animated series is not a concept foreign to Kanye West. Before Rick and Morty was on his radar, West voiced the character Kenny West on Seth McFarlane's Family Guy spinoff The Cleveland Show, and even broke out an original rap for the series:

Rick and Morty Season 4 is currently in development, and no release date has been given at this time. For a look at other programming that can be watched in the meantime, head on over to CinemaBlend's summer premiere guide. For a breakdown of all we know so far regarding Rick and Morty Season 4, check out our What We Know So Far guide.

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