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Netflix dropped user reviews from its platform about a month ago, citing declining use amongst users. The news wasn't met with much uproar considering the feature was limited to those visiting, although some new analysis has surfaced that might have some previously apathetic subscribers talking. The data alleges that there's a correlation between Netflix's decision to drop the feature and an increasing decline in user rating scores for the platform's original programming. Put simply, the data suggests Netflix may have dropped the feature due to declining use, but also because its originals were reportedly getting worse scores.

The average user rating for Netflix originals supposedly peaked in 2012, with user review scores averaging a 4.2 out of 5. That average has allegedly been on the decline ever since with a decrease in the aggregate user rating each year following. CordCutting's analysis, which was compiled from data collected prior to the user-review feature takedown, says the average was down to 3.2 at the end, which is an overall decrease of 24% since 2012. Even if the feature wasn't as widely-used as Netflix implies, the numbers aren't a good look for the originals. Netflix may have realized this and ultimately decided that a rating system for its original offerings wasn't the best idea.

An aggregate rating decline despite a few successes is expected and not entirely rare, but could suggest Netflix had secret intentions in removing the user review feature. After all, no network or streaming service wants to potentially openly advertise its vast sea of programming is "meh," or just flat out bad by viewer standards, especially when that original programming will become the bread and butter of its content as Disney and other competitors move their offerings to their own streaming services. Netflix has not openly stated this was the case in any statements since removing the feature, and one would imagine they probably won't if this data is correct.

The data, if accurate, is interesting but may also be a bit misleading. Netflix's peak year for user reviews for original programming came at a time when, quite frankly, there wasn't a lot for users to review. Lilyhammer was the most notable program to American subscribers that year, and bigger critically acclaimed shows like House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, or the Netflix revival of Arrested Development would not premiere until 2013 when ratings began to decline. Netflix has only amassed more content in the time since, to the point that the streaming service has so many original offerings a user can no longer list them off the top of their head. The ratings may have declined, but it's possible the reasoning for that is because there is much more content to rate than in previous years.

Netflix subscribers who think the platform's current offerings are less than impressive at the moment can find other television offerings via our fall premiere guide.

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