Last Man Standing Will Deal With The Death Of A Character In Season 7

Last Man Standing has undergone a lot of changes,in between Season 6 and Season 7. For one, it was cancelled by ABC and then revived by Fox a year later. Then, some changes had to be made to the cast, due to certain actors who previously played roles not being available to reprise their roles. While fans have prepared for said changes, there is one change coming by way of death:

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When Last Man Standing resumes, one less man will be standing. When the show picks back up, Robert Forster's Bud will have passed away, per TVLine. Yes, Mike's father has died in between seasons. His cause of death was not specified. Nor when it occurred.

With Bud having passed away, it is only natural for fans to wonder who will now head up the late Baxter's pot dispensary, Bud's Buds. Well, the store will stay in the family thanks to the husband of Bud's granddaughter, Kristin. That's right, Ryan is taking over the reins at Bud's Buds. With Ryan taking over Bud's business, Last Man Standing has single-handedly opened the door to do two things.

First, the sitcom will be able to organically put Bud's Buds back in the spotlight, which will undoubtedly draw considerable reactions from Mike. Secondly, with Ryan working there, it will lead to the potential for comical tension between Mike and his son-in-law. The exact reason Last Man Standing decided to kill off Bud and end Robert Forster's successful guest run on the series is not yet known.

The loss of Bud is undoubtedly a sad turn of events for Last Man Standing, although it sounds like the show is prepared to address it by keeping his legacy alive. While Bud had not been seen since Season 4, the show still left the door wide open for Robert Forster to reprise the role. By killing off the character, that will no longer be an option.

While Robert Forster's Bud will not be returning for Season 7, Last Man Standing will be welcoming back many of its original cast members, including Tim Allen, Nancy Travis, and Hector Elizondo. Amanda Fuller and Kaitlyn Dever will return as Mike's daughters, Kristin and Eve, respectively. New actors will play Mandy and Boyd.

When the Baxters return, they will be down a family member, a sad reality fans now know they will have to face. Imagining how that will be handled versus seeing it done are two different things. Find out how it goes down when the sitcom returns, along with many other shows, including those on Fox's schedule. Last Man Standing will return for its seventh season overall and its first on Fox starting Friday, September 28, at 8 p.m. ET.

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