Rainn Wilson's Harry Mudd Is Returning To Star Trek: Discovery, Along With A Rick And Morty Writer

At 2018's San Diego Comic-Con, Star Trek: Discovery's new showrunner thrilled Trekkies with the news that the show's universe would be expanding by way of a new episodic anthology. The series, entitled Star Trek: Short Treks, will feature Rainn Wilson's Harry Mudd in the run of episodes. Now, Wilson is teasing his return to the franchise with a behind-the-scenes image from the set on Twitter. And the caption of his tweet is primed to get your theory energy up and running. Check it out for yourself below:

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Be sure to stay tuned for CBS' big Star Trek announcement on Thursday! Of which, the internet will undoubtedly be busy trying to figure out ahead of time. Whether or not it relates to Harry Mudd's Star Trek future will be an interesting thing to stay tuned to find out. Given that Mudd's portrayer, Rainn Wilson, is the one teasing the announcement, it certainly raises eyebrows in that direction. While that is all conjecture, what is not is that Wilson's Harry Mudd will be making his return.

It is an installment that Rainn Wilson will direct himself. For those who missed the original memo, Star Trek: Short Treks will stay true to its title with episodes that run for ten to fifteen minutes in length. Wilson's Harry Mudd episode will further explore the character, last seen on Star Trek: Discovery's first season. Also along for the Star Trek: Discovery universe ride is none other than Rick and Morty writer Mike McMahan. Check out his tweet below:

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Nice! And talk about a thrill for Mike McMahan! The writer is a huge Trekkie, who runs the TNG_S8 account on Twitter, which features "unaired" plots from Star Trek: The Next Generation's eighth season. Tweets from the feed ultimately became the basis for McMahan's book Warped: An Engaging Guide to the Never-Aired 8th Season (Star Trek: The Next Generation). So, he is a huge fan of the franchise and a wonderful pick to have "beamed up" to participate in it.

Fans should not have much longer to wait on the new anthology series. An official premiere date has yet to be announced though, so that may explain the "big announcement" that Rainn Wilson was teasing on Twitter. Star Trek: Short Treks is set to quench Trekkies thirst for all things Star Trek, while they await the premiere of Star Trek: Discovery's second season, and that upcoming series centered on Jean-Luc Picard's next chapter.

Star Trek: Short Treks will premiere this fall on CBS All Access. The second season of Star Trek: Discovery is expected to arrive sometime in 2019 on the streaming service. Star Trek: Short Treks will be joined by a plethora of other new series set to arrive in the fall.

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