Star Trek: Discovery Is Coming To Star Trek Online

Cryptic Studios' Star Trek Online is probably one of the longest-running MMOs that is still popular and expanding on a regular basis during today's generation of gaming. Most MMOs have a lifespan of about five or so years before they wane and become about as interesting as dirty paper in a back alley. But not so with Star Trek Online. This game seems to keep growing and expanding, including adding all sorts of content from the illustrious history of the Star Trek franchise. The next big update set to arrive for the popular multi-platform MMORPG based on the sci-fi adventure series is Star Trek: Discovery, which is based on the latest iteration of the brand, which just recently made its debut back in 2017.

The news about Star Trek: Discovery making its way into Star Trek Online was rolled out over on the Star Trek Online YouTube channel. It's a short 34-second trailer, requiring only half a minute to make it known that gamers will soon be able to take charge of the Discovery as one of the ships in the game starting this fall on PC.

After the Perfect World logo pops up, we then see the U.S.S. Discovery taking flight through the stars. It eventually pulls up to a stop just in front of the camera, so you can get a really good look at the design of the ship. It's a cross between the original U.S.S. Constitution, U.S.S. Enterprise, the U.S.S. Archangel, and the U.S.S. Franklin. The big difference between the Discovery and the other ships is that the Discovery has gaps between the elliptical rings, so that there is a space between the far outer ring, the inner ring, and the bridge. It's a unique design that still manages to capture the original essence of the Star Trek spirit.

The first half of the trailer may introduce the Discovery, but the second half of the trailer introduces a very menacing looking ship from the Klingons that dwarfs the discovery in every way. We then see a number of other enemy ships appear, and it looks like things are about to get really bad for the Starfleet crew.

The trailer ends with the logo Star Trek Online: Age of Discovery, revealing that the new expansion pack for the long-running MMO will be based on the CBS show of the same name. The new content is expected to arrive this fall for PC gamers, and after it gets ironed out and the typical bugs get squashed, you can then expect the expansion to be made available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 gamers shortly thereafter.

The story will be based on the events taking place in 2256 during the height of the Klingon war, and gamers will play a pivotal role in trying to resolve the conflict.

Fans of the TV show are already excited, and fans of the game can't contain their joy. It looks like Star Trek fans will have plenty to look forward to this fall.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.