Watch Supergirl Team Up With Livewire And Psi In Exclusive Season 3 Deleted Scene

Supergirl Season 3 saw Kara and her friends facing their most formidable villain to date with Reign, who also happened to be their friend Sam when she wasn't unintentionally wreaking havoc as a Worldkiller. At one point, in the "Fort Rozz" episode of the third season, Kara even had to team up with two of her previous villains to try to find a way to stop Reign, and she (along with Legion of Super-Heroes superhero Imra) went off on a journey through space with Livewire and Psi. Take a look at this exclusive deleted scene of the four ladies kicking off their journey!

Season 3 of Supergirl is available now on Digital, and the Blu-ray and DVD will be available on September 18.. If you recall, "Fort Rozz" saw Kara recruiting the help of two women with superpowers to lend a hand on a dangerous mission to Fort Rozz, which had landed somewhere lethal to anyone with a Y chromosome, and it just so happened to be a place that would deprive Kara of the yellow sun she needs for her powers. To accomplish her mission of visiting Fort Rozz and gaining valuable information from somebody stuck there, Kara needed the help of some powerful ladies, and she was joined by ally Imra and somewhat reformed villains Livewire and Psi.

In this deleted scene, we see what happens after Kara recruited Livewire with the motivation to help take down a supervillain that had been killing off villains and Psi with the prospect of leaving her D.E.O. cell for a bit, and before the fearsome foursome of formidable ladies arrives at Fort Rozz. Understandably, Livewire is excited to be traveling into space, especially considering she's been stuck working a job she hates since attempting to go straight. Unsurprisingly, Psi is less enthusiastic and doesn't participate in the impromptu countdown as they prepare to launch the Legion ship that will carry them to Fort Rozz.

Unfortunately, the mission does not go as intended, and Kara does not gain all the information she needs to take down Reign. The team is also struck by tragedy, raising the stakes for the rest of Season 3 and not quite closing the door on one of the villains returning to lend Supergirl a hand -- even if somewhat reluctantly -- in the future. Given the changes in store for Supergirl Season 4, could we see Kara reaching out in some unexpected directions as she deals with a different D.E.O. than she came to know and love?

The very good news is that we're in the home stretch before Supergirl returns to The CW in October, so the time is now to experience Season 3 all over again. The third season of Supergirl is available now on Digital, and the Blu-ray and DVD will be available starting September 18. Be sure to check it out to watch and rewatch the third season while we wait for Supergirl to hit the airwaves in a brand new time slot on Sunday, October 14 at 8 p.m. ET.

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