The CW's 2018-2019 Fall Schedule Reveals Arrow-verse Changes, New Sunday Lineup

arrow season 6 finale

With the most limited schedule of the bigger networks, The CW boosted things up for the 2018-2019 season by adding Sunday nights to its programming slate. With that addition comes a handful of noteworthy switch-ups throughout the week, including new nights for a couple of the Arrow-verse shows, and we now know when The CW's newest series will be making their debuts. Check out the full schedule below.

MONDAY8 p.m. - Arrow9 p.m. - Legends of TomorrowTUESDAY8 p.m. - The Flash9 p.m. - Black LightningWEDNESDAY8 p.m. - Riverdale9 p.m. - ALL AMERICANTHURSDAY8 p.m. - Supernatural9 p.m. - LEGACIESFRIDAY8 p.m. - Dynasty9 p.m. - Crazy Ex-GirlfriendSUNDAY8 p.m. - Supergirl9 p.m. - CHARMED

Since the DC TV shows are generally considered the heavyweights within The CW's lineup -- at least among fans -- we'll start there. The primetime week will be led off by the time-traveling ensemble of Legends of Tomorrow, which is always a good sign of approval. And the network will use that show's popularity to try and drive the numbers up for its flagship super-series, Arrow, which is currently being watched by just over a million people a week in Live+Same Day results. And as not to go through weird midseason delays that occurred this year with Supergirl, The CW is giving the Melissa Benoist-led series the honor of ushering in the new Sunday night schedule. It'll be interesting to see how the network fares against some of the usual Sunday-evening juggernauts.

And speaking of the newest night of CW scripted-ness, the female-fronted evening will follow up Supergirl's heroics with the updated reboot of Charmed, with Melonie Diaz, Sarah Jeffery, and Madeleine Mantock now starring as the bewitching trio of sisters. It's a bold move to pair that show with Supergirl on the newest night of the week, but I guess any move would have been a bold one there.

There are two other new shows to pay attention to on The CW's fall schedule. On Wednesdays, Riverdale's presumably outlandish third season will be followed by Daniel Ezra's All American, which deals with high school football recruiting in Beverly Hills. And the never-gonna-quit Supernatural will see its fourteenth season leading the Thursday-night charge for the latest Vampire Diaries spinoff-spinoff, Legacies, with all manner of paranormal offspring having to choose between becoming heroes and villains.

For those wondering where some other recognizable names are, it was confirmed that the returning dramas Jane the Virgin, The 100 and iZombie will be held off the schedule until the midseason. The same goes for the intoxicating new dramedy In the Dark and the network's newest reboot, Roswell, New Mexico.

We'll have to wait a little longer to see what the actual premiere dates are for all of these shows, and we'll be keeping an eye on all of The CW's upcoming announcements. Until then, head to our summer premiere schedule to get a handle on what new and returning shows are popping up soon.

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