Supergirl Explains Reign's Origin In Exclusive Season 3 Video

In Season 3, Supergirl introduced a brand new supervillain like nothing she'd ever faced before. Reign is a Worldkiller whose purpose is to wreak havoc, although she wasn't introduced as a villain, debuting as Samantha, a loving, single mom with no idea she came from another planet. Sam slowly learned her past secrets until finally awakening as a Worldkiller, with the midseason finale finally unleashing her as Reign. In an exclusive clip that will be available with the Supergirl Season 3 season pass on digital retailers starting December 6, executive producers explain Reign's origin. Take a look!

In this exclusive clip, we see that Sam was originally intended to transition into Reign much earlier in her life. It was only her unexpected pregnancy that led her down a different path than one that would have had her going full supervillain at the age of 18. If Sam had not found herself pregnant as a teenager, Reign might have arisen long before Kara had the chance to become Supergirl. Ruby was never supposed to exist, and so she was the variable that kept Sam tethered to humanity rather than becoming a Worldkiller for such a long time. For more of all things Reign, be sure to get the season pass for Supergirl Season 3 on digital retailers.

Interestingly, Supergirl went in a direction with Reign that could point to an eventual redemption for Sam. The show didn't feature Sam making the wrong decision in a choice between good and evil, and she didn't want to become a villain who kills innocent people. Something inside of her was activated by people with foul intentions for humanity. The woman who became Ruby's mom, Lena's trusted employee, and Kara's friend is not necessarily the same woman who wears the Reign mask and has already caused a lot of destruction. Perhaps there is room in Supergirl for a Sam who has been able to move past the Reign destiny that was thrust upon her.

Of course, there's no saying at this point if Team Supergirl will be able to contain Reign, let alone attempt to turn her back into Sam. The midseason finale saw the character seeming to lose her last vestiges of humanity, to the point that she couldn't even make a connection with Ruby on Christmas morning. With Supergirl out of commission and the D.E.O. down their most powerful fighter, there may not be many who can stand in Reign's way. A Worldkiller is on the loose, and it may take a whole Legion of Super-Heroes to give Earth-38 a fighting chance of surviving her wrath.

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