Watch Michael Che Hand Out Reparations Emmys To Family Matters' Jaleel White And More

The Emmys can always be counted upon to deliver some spectacular and memorable parts, and the 2018 Emmys provided moments that will have people talking in the aftermath of the broadcast, even including one Emmy winner proposing to his girlfriend in front of the entire audience and all of those watching live at home. One of the most memorable parts of the 2018 broadcast came courtesy of co-host Michael Che, who awarded "Reparations Emmys" to overlooked African American actors in a pre-taped segment. Jaleel White of Family Matters fame was one of those to receive a Reparations Emmy from Che. Take a look!

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Michael Che honored some of the most legendary black actors ever to grace the small screen who didn't receive the awards attention they deserved while their shows were on the air, including Marla Gibbs of The Jeffersons, Kadeem Hardison A Different World, Jimmie Walker of Good Time, Tichina Arnold of Martin and Everybody Loves Chris, John Witherspoon of The Wayans Bros. and I Spy, and of course Jaleel White. Given that these legendary actors are also comedic greats, the Reparations Emmys segment was absolutely hilarious.

Jaleel White didn't disappoint when given the opportunity to drop his Family Matters character's iconic line, even if he's looking more Stefan Urquelle than Steve Urkel nowadays. His expression when Michael Che passionately claimed that there would be no Barack Obama if not for Steve Urkel was perfect, especially since Che escalated to Obama pretty quickly from Donald Glover and Kanye West.

Considering recent events, it's not altogether shocking that the clip found space for a mention of the Geoffrey Owens controversy after a photo of him working at Trader Joe's went viral. The Bill Cosby joke was bound to happen as well. Bryan Cranston had a fun cameo after Che had a loud outdoor conversation claiming that the only reason Cranston won a bunch of Emmys for Breaking Bad was because he's white.

My favorite part had to be the end, when Michael Che attempted to honor John Witherspoon with the Reparations Emmy, only for Witherspoon to say he didn't want it and demanded 40 acres and a mule. When Che said he didn't have 40 acres and a mule for him, Witherspoon said he would accept 40 mules and an acre.

All things considered, Michael Che guaranteed that some actors who unfortunately can no longer be honored with Primetime Emmys for their work on their classic sitcoms gained some recognition and the chance to show off their comedy chops on the biggest TV awards show. The humor in the rest of the Emmys broadcast was somewhat hit or miss, but the Reparations Emmys segment is worth at least one rewatch.

You can find Michael Che back on the small screen and co-hosting Weekend Update when Saturday Night Live returns to the fall TV lineup. For more Emmys info, swing by our rundown of all the big winners of the night.

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