Watch Modern Family Star Julie Bowen's Solid Impression Of Co-Star Sofia Vergara

The cast of Modern Family has spent nearly a decade together, so it is easy to imagine they have gotten pretty close during that time. So close, in fact, that they say they can all do an impression of co-star Sofia Vergara! When asked who does the best one by Ellen DeGeneres, the cast was quick to provide a unanimous answer: Julie Bowen. Listen and decide for yourself below:

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This is not the first time one of Sofia Vergara's co-stars did an impression of her. Ed O'Neill has made an attempt on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in the past. Before going into her impression, Julie Bowen explained that she could not just spring into it; she needed a topic first. In this case, she based it on a real conversation she had with Vergara before the cast made their way to The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

That chat was a discussion of what the other would be wearing to the talk show, and viewers learned an interesting thing about Sofia Vergara's fashion preferences. She apparently likes to wear cocktail outfits for the occasion. Vergara confirmed that Julie Bowen's reenactment of their conversation was accurate and that she usually comes to The Ellen DeGeneres Show wearing a cocktail dress, which she explained is a compromise between wearing a gown or something sporty.

The cast of Modern Family had come on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to promote the show's upcoming season, which is one that is set to take some rather surprising turns. Earlier this month, the popular sitcom made headlines with a shocking plot announcement.

The series' co-creator Christopher Lloyd revealed that the comedy would deal with one of the grimmest subjects of all: death. Lloyd shared that a "significant" character would pass away and described that death as one that would reverberate throughout several episodes of Season 10. Fans will have to tune for the character's identity. They will not have to wait super long for the nail-biting reveal because the death is set to take place during the first half of the season.

Ellen DeGeneres did attempt to learn the identity of the deceased, but it was to no avail. The cast's lips are sealed tight, so fans will have to endure the wait with some fervent speculation as to who is being killed off. Speaking of the upcoming season, it is hard to believe that Modern Family has been on for nearly a decade, which has served the cast well. It is clear from their latest visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show that the ensemble is genuinely close with one another.

It has probably been an important factor in keeping the show going for as long as it has. Modern Family will return for its tenth season on Wednesday, September 26 at 9 p.m. ET on ABC. The series will be among a plethora of shows that will be making their returns and premieres this fall, including on ABC's schedule.

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