Modern Family Will See A Major Character Die This Season

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Modern Family has earned a ton of awards proving it has made America laugh a ton over the past nine years, and while the series may very well continue to do that in Season 10, there's a solid chance it'll also make some folks cry. As revealed by co-creator Christopher Lloyd, a major death is coming to the show somewhere in the first batch of Season 10 episodes.

We're handling some bigger life events in this season. We do deal with a death, which is certainly a topic that families have to deal with, and on television, it's not easy to do because that's a heavy subject. But at the same time, it would seem unusual for a family not to go through it.

Christopher Lloyd's reasoning is sound and he's right that a "modern family" will likely have to deal with death at some point or another. As for who the show is picking for that major death, that is certainly not something Lloyd is going to reveal before it happens. What he did tell EW, however, is that the death will be "significant" and a big enough deal that it will impact the season over the course of several episodes.

That would appear to confirm that someone either within or close to the Pritchett/Dunphy clan is going to die, and with Modern Family likely entering its final season, anyone is on the table. The obvious guess may be Jay, considering Ed O' Neill is the most senior member of the main cast by a longshot. Additionally, a grown adult losing a parent is one of the most common deaths families tend to experience as a whole and one that would surely resonate with Modern Family audiences.

That said, there's no telling what Modern Family has up its sleeve, and there's no guarantee anyone on the central cast is safe. This Is Us' Jack Pearson taught us even the healthiest of fathers can fall victim to heart issues, and accidents happen all the time that result in a loss of life no one could've predicted. Something like that sounds a bit heavy-handed for Modern Family, but then again, so does the death of a major character. It's possible whoever dies is the actor who didn't agree to the hypothetical Season 11 ABC is reportedly trying to work out, and the show saw a perfect opportunity to introduce a shocking storyline while still continuing the show past the 10 season mark.

Modern Family will premiere what might be its final season on ABC Wednesday, September 26 at 9:00 p.m. ET. Check out what else is coming to television around that time and beyond with CinemaBlend's fall premiere guide. Sure to stay tuned to CinemaBlend for the latest in TV news.

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