Chicago Fire Spoilers: One Character's Big Promotion Means Trouble For Chief Boden

chicago fire chief boden season 7

Spoilers ahead for the October 10 episode of Chicago Fire on NBC.

Chicago Fire Season 7 got off to an intense start with the apparently permanent departure of Gabby and the giant three-show crossover that put a bunch of characters through the wringer. The latest episode saw Chief Boden struggling with the decision about who to promote to the position of new engine lieutenant. Assistant Deputy Commissioner Jerry Gorsch wanted Boden to choose one candidate, but Boden went in his own direction in a move that could backfire on him. Gorsch could make for an influential enemy.

When it came to the promotion of a new engine lieutenant, Gorsch made it clear that he wanted Boden to select somebody from outside the city by the name of Trey Jennings. He wasn't familiar to the folks of Firehouse 51, but he didn't make a terrible impression when he finally turned up. The twist came with the discovery that Jennings isn't just a guy who happens to be qualified for the job and Gorsch happens to like. Jennings is Gorsch's brother-in-law. Can we all say "nepotism" right about now?

Now, Boden was facing serious pressure from the Assistant Deputy Commissioner to name Jennings as the new engine lieutenant, and they had already butted heads in the season. It was difficult to guess what Boden would do for almost the entire episode. The objectively smart thing for him to do if he wanted to fall in line with CFD politics and earn some favors would be to select Jennings and keep things cool with Gorsch rather than make an enemy of him.

That clearly didn't sit right with Boden, however, and Hermann dropped some words of wisdom on his chief, telling him that he needed to "make the best choice for the house." The episode built to the big reveal at a charity picnic that had a nice crowd assembled, along with the folks of Firehouse 51, Gorsch, and Jennings. Well, Boden had an unwelcome surprise for Gorsch and Jennings, but some awesome news for a Firehouse 51 veteran: Hermann was to become the new engine lieutenant!

Hermann's reaction to the entirely unexpected news was so heartwarming that the scene is worth rewatching an extra time or two just to experience it all over again, and his pals from the firehouse were clearly overjoyed for him. Gorsch, not so much. Even though Gorsch hasn't been around for long, we can already guess that Boden will probably pay for going against Gorsch's explicit request in this case, and Gorsch can undoubtedly cause a lot of trouble for Boden.

Boden didn't show any regret that he was promoting a clearly qualified candidate from within the firehouse; it should be interesting to see if either man budges in their stance on what happened. If Hermann does a good enough job, perhaps Gorsch will be okay with what happened. My money, however, is on Boden paying for this move in the long run. That doesn't mean I can't enjoy the triumph over Gorsch while it lasts!

In a fun video from the official Chicago Fire Twitter, the characters react to Hermann's promotion, proving that the rest of Firehouse 51 are happy with Boden's decision and will definitely have both Boden's and Hermann's backs. They also give Hermann a hard time for only getting a 70% on his lieutenant's exam, so it's pretty great. Take a look!

Tune in to NBC on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET for new episodes of Chicago Fire. A new chaplain is on the way, and fans of The Flash will definitely recognize him, so be sure to check new episodes of the show out. It airs in between Chicago Med and Chicago P.D. on NBC's new Chicago block of primetime, so settle in for a night of Chicago-set action if you're a fan of all three shows!

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