Chicago Fire Cast A Flash Villain For Season 7

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A former Flash villain is on the way to Chicago Fire, but he won't be wearing a friction-proof suit and trying to take down any superheroes in his new gig. Teddy Sears, who played Hunter Zolomon (a.k.a. Zoom) on The Flash, is heading to Firehouse 51 to play a far less villainous role. Sears is on board Chicago Fire as a chaplain.

Teddy Sears will play a chaplain by the name of Kyle Sheffield. Now, fans of Chicago Fire know that the show already has a chaplain on board with Chaplain Orlovsky, which raises the question of why Sheffield will enter the scene. Well, the reason may disappoint fans. Chaplain Orlovsky announces his retirement in Season 7, which prompts the arrival of Chaplain Sheffield.

Although some of the characters may not be thrilled to have somebody new stepping in for the beloved Orlovsky, Sheffield sounds like he'll be above reproach. TVLine reports that Sheffield is "open and eager" as well as "warm" and "kind-hearted." Leadership comes naturally to him, and his style is a combination of affection and authority. Basically, he sounds like exactly the kind of guy you'd expect to become a chaplain for a fire department.

Fans may not have met Chaplain Sheffield yet, but one of the characters will be acquainted with him. He has a history with Emily Foster, who just debuted on Chicago Fire as a new paramedic in the Season 7 premiere. His connection to Emily will result in scenes with Emily's partner as well, and we can only guess at this point how Sylvie will respond. Sylvie spent the premiere missing Dawson, and now that we know Dawson won't be back, Sylvie is facing an adjustment period. Maybe some talks with the chaplain could help her.

We still have a bit of a wait before Teddy Sears makes his debut as Chaplain Kyle Sheffield, as he won't appear until the sixth episode of the new season. That said, he won't just be in and out as a one-off guest star. The role will be recurring for Sears. The good news is that there should be plenty going on with Chicago Fire (and the other Chicago series) to keep viewers occupied during the wait for Sears to turn up.

Teddy Sears may be best known on the small screen nowadays thanks to his role as the villainous Zoom, but that's not all he's been up to on the small screen in recent years. He also appeared in 29 episodes of Showtime's Masters of Sex and all 12 episodes of the short-lived 24: Legacy on Fox. His role as Chaplain Sheffield should require him to flex his acting muscles in some news ways.

Tune in to Chicago Fire on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. Although there are still weeks before Teddy Sears makes his Chicago Fire debut in the fall lineup, next week marks the big crossover event between Chicago Fire, Med, and P.D.

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