Kunal Nayyar Reveals When The Big Bang Theory Will Finish Filming

Raj In The Big Bang Theory Season 12

It's been a few months since Jim Parsons revealed he wanted to leave The Big Bang Theory at the end of Season 12, which basically heralded the end of the CBS sitcom. Some of the other cast members are still coming to terms with the end actually coming. Kunal Nayyar, who plays Raj Koothrappali on the comedy series, recently went on The Ellen Show to talk about The Big Bang Theory and more. During the course of events, he revealed exactly when he will be finished filming the series, noting,

It's gonna be OK. It's bittersweet, I'm still trying to process all of it because it's been such a big part of my life. Right now I'm just showing up on time, focused on working and then I think then I come back from Christmas, the countdown will begin. We only have 11 more to shoot and get this: The series finale the day we shoot it is April 30th, it's actually my birthday. So, it's almost like the character I was born to play is the day that I don't get to play it anymore... Life come's full circle, man.

The Big Bang Theory is not over yet, but it is coming to an end. Episodes have already started airing for Season 12 and, by the time the series ends in 2019, it will be the longest-running sitcom on television. While Kunal Nayyar made it clear to Ellen DeGeneres the end hasn't really hit him yet, he does have some concrete dates. The show will officially wrap filming on April 30th and The Big Bang Theory will be likely to end its run during sweeps month in May.

Speaking on The Ellen Show, Kunal Nayyar also talked about the end of the series, noting that luckily it still feels a bit far away. Time passes quickly, however, and as we approach the end of the year, The Big Bang Theory will be approaching the end of filming, as well.

Following the announcement regarding the end of The Big Bang Theory, Jim Parsons talked about how grateful he has been for the role. Kaley Cuoco's response was even harder to read, as the actress went so far as to note,

No matter when it was going to end , my heart would have always been broken in two. Drowning in tears, we promise to bring you the best season yet.

Rough. Kunal Nayyar has previously been open about the ending feeling "bittersweet," but now that it is even closer to the end, things really don't seem to have sunk in all the way. I'm sure that will all change sooner rather than later.

Currently, The Big Bang Theory is airing Season 12 over at CBS, kicking off the network's Thursday night lineup at 8 p.m. ET. We already know quite a bit about Season 12, but for all the other stuff you'll be able to consume this fall, check out our full schedule.

Of course, whether you are a current fan or a previous one, be sure to tune in to say goodbye to the series when its finale airs this spring. We'll keep you updated once there is an official date.

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