George Clooney's A Dragon-Slaying Knight For A Game Of Thrones Alum In New Commercial

George Clooney is pulling double duty while promoting and slaying dragons. The superstar actor takes center stage in a new ad, and he is joined by a familiar face that fans of Game of Thrones will recognize. Spot them in the video below:

Yes, that is Natalie Dormer, who brought Margaery Tyrell to magnificent life on the HBO series. While Daenerys Targaryen would take issue with the handy work of George Clooney's knight, Dormer's queen does not. In fact, she wants to reward him. The thing is, he wants some coffee. Margaery never had to deal with this. Nespresso clearly knows what pop culture needs: a Game of Thrones-inspired ad that features one of the series' stars sharing the screen with Clooney.

Game of Thrones is a phenomenon, and ads that conjure the series tend to do their magic. Truth be told, if I am fast-forwarding through commercials and spot something Thrones-related, I rewind back. This ad will certainly make you do a double take, especially the opening shot. Considering the angle and the costume, it is easy to mistake George Clooney's knight with The Mountain.

As for the costuming, it is arguably a bit more Tudors than Game of Thrones. Having a dragon, a knight, and an impressive throne room is all Game of Thrones though. Interestingly, Natalie Dormer starred in both costume dramas.

The throne that Natalie Dormer's queen sits on looks a lot more comfortable than the Iron Throne. Regardless, it is nice to see her on it. As fans will recall, poor Margaery lost the "game of thrones." It is also cool to behold Dormer back inhabiting medieval times. That reminds me! Someone, please get Dormer back on a long-running costume drama, stat! As for George Clooney, he makes an impressive knight.

Costume dramas are the one genre he has not abundantly focused on in his career. That is if, he wants to handle the knight-gear. As we know from Game of Thrones' Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, it is not the most comfortable attire. The actor has shared that it is something he is not going to miss about doing the show.

Maybe George Clooney has a different take. Could we be seeing him slaying more dragons in the future? It would not be a bad idea. In the meantime, we have this impressive Game of Thrones-style ad to enjoy. The production values are beyond impressive.

Seeing this ad has another effect on yours truly's Game of Thrones-excited mind. It makes one very anxious to get another glimpse at footage from the show's final season. The eighth and final season of Game of Thrones premieres in 2019 on HBO. You can currently catch Natalie Dormer in the dramatic thriller In Darkness on Netflix.

Britt Lawrence

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