The Funniest Reactions To Daredevil's Gross Neti Pot Scene

Daredevil Season 3 has a ton of action scenes and moments worth talking about, so it might be weird to hear so many folks are focused on one that involves a neti pot. The scene has fans reacting left and right, with some mystified and others disgusted, and a few downright confused. It's led to many sharing their reaction to it on social media, and they're all pretty funny, given the subject matter.

For those that haven't seen the scene, that tweet sounds like an exaggeration. Those who saw Matt flush his sinuses in the Daredevil Season 3 episode, however, can attest it's as brutal as advertised mainly due to the excessive amount of blood he expelled. Of course, Matt Murdock is no stranger to bleeding, and was relatively unfazed despite the fact that it looked as though part of his brain flew into the sink in front of him.

Soon after the flush, Matt realized most of his senses had been revitalized, which meant he could go back to training again. Matt dashed around and began training to get back in peak shape despite having only been a shell of his former self an hour prior. The sudden shift wasn't lost on fans, who all were shocked all it took was sinus irrigation to bring back the Devil of Hell's Kitchen.

To be fair, Matt was in far better shape prior to this treatment than he was at the beginning of the episode, and the neti pot simply (somehow) cleared him up enough so that he could move around without the use of a cane. Also, the treatment wasn't an absolute cure-all, as Matt still couldn't hear out of one ear. The neti pot helped, but he still had a long road to go before he could be Daredevil again.

Marvel fans were thrilled for Matt's turnaround regardless, although some have wondered why it had to be a neti pot that turned things around. Does Disney own stock in the sinus irrigation business, or did someone pay to have it written into a scene that literally restores someone's superpowers? Some viewers began to speculatae there's perhaps a deeper conspiracy here to get sales in the home remedy treatment to spike.

Obviously, a good deal of those tweets were probably tongue-in-cheek, but the question remains. Why did the Daredevil writing team decide it would be a neti pot, of all things, that would be key to bringing Matt's senses back? Why not a montage of painstaking physical therapy, or maybe even some mystical healing potion or an herbal mix? This is the Marvel universe, after all, those things exist!

Viewers may never know the answer, but they'll likely never be able to look at a neti pot again without thinking of Daredevil. That may not be a good thing for stuffed up folks already on the fence about pouring water up their nose, although the scene hasn't turned off everyone from the alternative therapy. In fact, some were thrilled to see Marvel highlighting the device's uses, and maybe how well it gets blood out of your nose?

Daredevil Season 3 and that horrific neti pot scene are both streaming on Netflix. For more on upcoming television shows premiering this fall, head on over to our fall premiere guide.

Mick Joest
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