Bullseye Is Coming To Netflix In Daredevil Season 3, And He's Deadly

Poindexter in Daredevil

New York Comic-Con 2018 rages on this weekend, as Saturday marks the third of the four-day haul the festival brings to the Big Apple. One of the hotly anticipated panels was the one for Netflix's third season of their Marvel drama Daredevil, and the event delivered more than anyone could have anticipated. Most importantly, among the heaping helping of clips we were shown, was a very special look at a fight that'll rival every other Marvel Netflix conflict: Matt Murdock versus Benjamin Poindexter... better known to the rest of the world as Bullseye.

After officially confirming that actor Wilson Bethel's Agent Dex is, in fact, Bullseye, for everyone in the Hulu theater in Madison Square Garden, there was an extended fight sequence shown to the crowd that showed just how lethal the eventual assassin actually is. After Foggy stumbles upon a room full of dead reporters in the New York Daily Bulletin, he sees something he wasn't quite expecting: Daredevil. He almost pays for that moment with his life, but luckily, the real Matt Murdock steps in front of a weapon hurling towards his young lawyer friend's head and prevents the impact. A quick introduction between "Daredevil" and the genuine article ensues, and then a knock down, drag out fight proceeds -- with Murdock down for the count as a result.

It's a hell of a challenge for a hero without sight, no matter how good his hearing may be, to face off against someone who's a perfect marksman, and between this clip and a previous one shown that introduces FBI Agent Dex to Wilson Fisk, he is indeed perfect. Whether it's with a gun, a pair of scissors, or even simple click pens, Poindexter is lethal. Not even a cubicle could help Matt Murdoch dodge every blow, as Dex bounces a baseball-like object off of a wall, which nails Matt square in the face. How do you give the Man Without Fear a run for his money? Apparently, with perfect marksmanship and some inventive tactics.

You can check out some of the scene in the official announcement video below.

Don't expect this deadly combatant to go by his well known alias just yet, as the head of Marvel Television's own Jeph Loeb spelled out a really good reason why "Bullseye" won't be on everyone's lips at the start of season 3. According to Loeb, much like Wilson Fisk before him, Benjamin Poindexter is going to have to earn the moniker fans have been whispering on the internet for Daredevil's third season. We're going to see him go from an upstanding federal officer straight to a man who Fisk's Kingpin takes under his wing, in his quest to rid himself of a rather unpleasant presence in his life.

Daredevil Deason 3 hits Netflix on October 19th, but already that short wait feels way too long, after seeing a kick ass package of clips. Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for more breaking from New York Comic-Con!

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