Daredevil Used Craigslist For A Hilarious Season 3 Promotion

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When it comes to promoting a new season, most shows rely on traditional methods, such as content-filled ads, billboards, or online. Netflix's Daredevil has opted for something less conventional and more inventive. The show took to Craigslist to post an "ad" for a familiar looking asset: Matt Murdock's loft apartment. He may not be needing it anymore. Clearly written with fans in mind, the posting is rife with double-meanings that devotees will undoubtedly recognize. Here is what the listing (which has since been flagged for removal) said:

Spacious loft apartment located in heart of Hell's Kitchen, left virtually unscathed by recent tremors. Hardwood floors and exposed brick from floor to ceiling. Marvel at the reclaimed industrial windows that provide a must-see view of Hell's Kitchen. At night, brilliant neon lights across the street bathe the apartment in a soothing, warm ambiance.Previous tenant left without notice, so apartment comes fully furnished! Kitchen features a modern wooden bar and floating kitchen shelves for additional storage. Apartment is outfitted with sliding doors and an open floor plan, great for anyone with accessibility needs. Within walking distance of a boxing gym, courthouse and local law offices.With an apartment this nice, you'll feel like you're living a double life. Don't miss out, this apartment will be available October 19.

With Matt Murdock letting most everyone believe he is dead, it makes sense that his apartment would be put on the market. He is not "alive" to enjoy it or bask in its majestic light. Hence, the Craigslist ad. For those wondering if the apartment was still in good shape following the finale of The Defenders, you can worry no more. The description says that it has been left pretty much untouched by the "recent tremors," which is good to know.

The apartment is available to a new tenant for a tidy sum. The one bedroom, one bath space is listed for $2,000. The listing also contains positive news for pet owners. It says that both dogs and cat are cool to live there, neither of which the apartment's previous tenant had living with him. The pictures show off Matt's modern and uncluttered decorating style. Prospective buyers would be shocked by what his couch has seen.

In the pictures of the place, you do not get to see Matt's bedroom, but rather his living area. The light that comes in through his windows is another story. In the fourth picture, the sun is shown streaming in. As fans know, the "converted warehouse loft apartment" is in Hell's Kitchen and the ad's title promises it is armed with "major character." The references to Matt/Daredevil do not end there.

In the spiffy description of the luxurious loft, it makes mention of living a double life. That is something Matt is no stranger to. The Marvel reference with respect to the awe induced by the windows' scenic view is another touchstone to the series. There is also the mention of the previous tenant leaving "without notice" as a reference to Matt's unexpected fate in The Defenders finale.

If this apartment sells before Matt admits he is alive, he will have missed out on living in real style. It is hard to imagine him finding another place as well located to his needs than this one. As Daredevil frequently implies and the ad confirms, he is within a brief distance of many of his key haunts. There is his beloved boxing gym, where he works on his fight skills, as well as the courthouse he has represented his clients in and law offices.

Hopefully, Matt will return from "the dead" before a new buyer takes the reins. Find out if Matt ends up living elsewhere when the next season premieres! Daredevil Season 3 debuts October 19 on Netflix. The superhero series will not be the only dose of new content the streaming giant will be welcoming this fall.

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