Season 3 of Daredevil is just around the corner, and Marvel is keeping fans' excitement peaked with constant reveals and new footage. The official, full-length Season 3 trailer has finally been released, and it's jam-packed with lots of action, character beats, and key details that viewers will no doubt be thinking about ahead of the new episodes. We've compiled the five best moments we saw in the trailer, all of which have us extremely pumped for Netflix and Marvel's flagship superhero series to return. Now let's look at the devils in these details.

There's A New Daredevil

A bulk of footage seen so far for Daredevil Season 3 has featured Matt taking the fight to others in his traditional black costume, and sometimes with no costume at all. It appears the true Devil of Hell's Kitchen left his red costume behind, and it unfortunately got snagged by someone else pretending to be the fearless vigilante. The rest of the world doesn't realize the change of the guard, of course, so Daredevil's good name is being besmirched by this new guy, who seems incredibly violent and merciless and incredibly accurate. This smells like one of Fisk's schemes to exact revenge on Matt, but the big question we have concerns the person behind that mask. We have our guesses for who it is, but we won't know for sure until Matt kicks this imposter to the curb.

Wilson Fisk Is A Free Man

Wilson Fisk is out of prison, and while he has more or less fooled the rest of the world into thinking he's a changed man, we all know that's a lie. The latest Daredevil trailer confirms this, with one scene showing Fisk in his white suit and smiling warmly to the public, while another scene shows him savagely pummeling a man in private. Unfortunately for Matt, Fisk hasn't forgotten his grudge against him and/or Daredevil, and he's threatening to reveal Matt's secret identity to the rest of the world. Fisk looks to have all the cards in Season 3, and we're wondering how Matt will work his way out of this one without becoming the monster his archenemy already is. Maybe that costumed imposter plays a role in that.

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