6 Questions The Breaking Bad Movie Needs To Answer

Jesse Pinkman Aaron Paul Breaking Bad AMC

Vince Gilligan is making a Breaking Bad movie, and while other details are floating around the web about who might be its star, all we officially know is that it's a sequel to the TV series. Going off that information alone, there are a handful of things we're curious about that we've had to speculate on up until now. Here is our list of six questions that this Breaking Bad movie needs to answer, if only to put some long-standing questions to rest.

Did Jesse Escape?

Jesse Pinkman's escape has been one of the biggest debates since the Breaking Bad finale. Jesse's final scene showed him driving like a madman away from the compound and crying tears of joy now that he was finally free of his captors. Not long after, police cars were seen approaching the area, which may mean they crossed paths with Jesse. If they saw the way he was driving, they would've almost certainly pulled him over.

As heartbreaking as the answer may be, Breaking Bad fans need to know whether or not Jesse Pinkman escaped the scene of the crime, or if he was captured by authorities. We're thinking this question will get answered, given a sequel involving Jesse would seemingly be what fans want and the most obvious subject to tackle. Then again, Vince Gilligan has proven with Better Call Saul he's not always someone who chooses the obvious story to tell, so who knows?

Jesse Pinkman Aaron Paul Breaking Bad AMC

Will Jesse Have A Happy Ending?

Another thing Breaking Bad fans need and, quite frankly, deserve to know is whether or not Jesse Pinkman got a happy ending. Vince Gilligan subjected the character to a lot of torture over the series and cut fans off just when his life had an opportunity to get better. After watching him lose his family, a lover and be forced into meth-making slavery, it would be nice to see Jesse have something good happen.

Unfortunately, Vince Gilligan has hinted in the past that a happy ending for Jesse at this point may be hard to find. Gilligan told EW after the series finale Jesse would likely be scarred from his experience as a prisoner, in addition to all the other stuff that happened to him on the show. Should the Breaking Bad movie pick up with Jesse's life, one would imagine some of those emotional scars will make it hard to live normally.

Did Walt Actually Die?

It seems like a silly question, especially given the emotional final scene of Breaking Bad. Walt had a gunshot wound. cancer and a will to die as he attempted to encourage Jesse to kill him right before he dropped to the ground. Yet theories do exist he may not have actually died then and there. After all, as Walt laid there bleeding out, cop cars were speeding onto the scene and could've saved him.

That leaves a small chance that Walt, in whatever condition he may be, could've survived long enough to make it to a hospital. We don't believe his story would go any further given his wanted status and the murder charges he would probably face, but it would be interesting to see if Walt was declared dead at the scene. Bryan Cranston, unfortunately, has no answers to give, so we're left to wonder if he'll even be in it.

How Will Walt Jr. And Skyler React To Walt's Death?

If Walt is dead and is correctly identified as Heisenberg, news of his death would spread throughout the state. It makes sense that Walt Jr. and Skyler would eventually find out, whether it be through identifying his body or seeing it reported on the news. Should that happen, how will each respond to Walter's death?

This was, after all, the man who turned their lives upside down. Conversely, he was also a man who got in the drug game hoping to make enough money for his family to live comfortably after his death. Walt Jr. may never fully understand his father's intentions, but we'd like to think Skyler could see the gray in the situation over time. Whether that's enough for her to shed a tear upon learning of his death is a different story.

Uncle Jack Breaking Bad AMC

Are There Any Bad Guys Left?

There were many high-profile drug lords in the New Mexico area that met their end thanks to Walter White, but the drug trafficking world is a vast operation. Maybe one of Uncle Jack's crew called in sick that day and didn't get shot up by Walt's car gun. What about the suppliers Jack's crew was servicing? Won't they be curious what happened to the guys supplying their drugs?

It would stand to reason that while Walter White's adventure is over, meth use in Albuquerque continued. There was almost certainly someone who noticed Uncle Jack's outfit being taken out, and probably others who knew Jesse was their cook. Ambitious drug lords could stand to make a massive profit if they managed to capture him, which is obviously something Jesse doesn't want. If this Breaking Bad film has a villain, it may be someone who fits one of those descriptions.

Gene Bob Odenkirk Better Call Saul AMC

Will This Tie-In To Better Call Saul?

While it's easy to understand why a Breaking Bad film would be made, one has to wonder why now? Why, five years after the series finale, is a film being made that picks up after the events of the original series? With Better Call Saul's past storyline marching closer and closer to Breaking Bad territory, we have to wonder if there's a connection that ties to its present day.

For example, what if Better Call Saul wants to introduce Jesse Pinkman back into Gene's life in a storyline for Better Call Saul? They could've just done it, but then there'd be folks wanting to know what happened with Jesse, and Vince Gilligan may not have wanted to spend time explaining what happened to a character whose name isn't the show's focus. A film would solve this problem, obviously, so perhaps that's the answer to why this is happening now.

Breaking Bad fans will wait and see if these questions are answered as the film continues development at AMC. While we don't know the release date of this project, we do know when to expect a bunch of other fall shows this season. Head over to our fall premiere guide and see what's on the way.

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