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Terry O'Quinn Wishes Lost Had Continued For Another Season

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As hard as it is to believe, Lost finished its run nearly a decade ago. With six seasons under its belt, the sci-fi drama has become a pop culture staple. One of the series' brightest stars has revealed that he would have been open to being "lost" for another season. Terry O'Quinn shared:

I was disappointed it was over. I could've done another bit of that. I had a great time with those people, and we were in Hawaii, and it was pretty wonderful.

It is not the response you usually hear from actors whose show ran as long as Lost. Terry O'Quinn's comments to EW point to his finding his time on the show pleasurable enough to have continued. All of which sort of makes you hope for a bit of a redo. Given the way Locke's story ended, it would be tough do a spinoff or revival centered on the character.

That is one of the bitterer aspects of how the series handled Locke's story. Locke was always one of the highlights, and his story never got explored to the full extent it could have been. Of course, you can never talk about Lost without discussing one of its most infamous aspects -- the ending.

More than eight years have passed since Lost's much-discussed and frequently decried series finale. After all these years, what does Terry O'Quinn make of the finale? When asked if it "stuck the landing" or was "more of a mess," O'Quinn responded, saying:

Quite honestly, I think they're both about the same. Some people might've thought it was great. Some people were dissatisfied. I think a lot of people were going to be dissatisfied almost no matter what they did. I'm not exactly sure what they did, but it was brilliant. I think the writing was brilliant.

If you thought, you were the only one not exactly certain of what Lost pulled off in its finale, you are not alone. You are in good company with Terry O'Quinn. While he acknowledges not being entirely sure of what Lost's writers did, O'Quinn praised their writing. He also pointed something out.

Some people were not going to be satisfied, regardless of how the show ended. Could Lost have gotten closer though? It is a daunting question that will be at the fore of the show's legacy forever. With so many shows preparing for their final chapter, it is a high-stakes analysis that has merit. For instance, is Game of Thrones doomed to disappoint? Hopefully not.

It is true that you cannot satisfy everyone. After six seasons and over 100 episodes of waiting for answers, Lost fans got something far from straightforward. It is a debate that is likely to rage on for some time to come.

Had Lost gone on for another season, it is worth wondering what Terry O'Quinn would have liked to have occurred, narratively. Did he think the story could have been fleshed out more? Or was it about having more time with the characters? Did he ever want them to go back?

While we do not know the answer to that, we do know that Terry O'Quinn would have done a seventh season of Lost. That is something we are now unlikely to ever get. While we await the potential word of a Lost reboot, new television is on the horizon. A lot of fresh content is still set to arrive this fall and throughout the midseason.

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