Lost's Penny And Desmond Reunited, And We Have To Go Back

Lost may have had a polarizing ending that left a bad taste in some people's mouth, but despite that, there are still plenty of fans who would make that trip back to the island if a new series were announced. That's especially evident in this recent photo by Sonya Walger, who got back together with fellow actor Henry Ian Cusick for a Penny and Desmond reunion:

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Avid Lost fans might notice another detail from the picture, which Henry Ian Cusick confirmed in his retweet. Yes, that is the monastery in Eddington, Scotland that Desmond Hume attempted to become a monk at. As many remember, that didn't work out, but it did lead to him meeting Penelope (Penny) which then led to their complicated timey-wimey romance. For the record, the "monastery," is actually an all-girls prep school and is actually in Hawaii where a good portion of the show was filmed.

As far as why either actor was at the location is a bit of a mystery, although it's not like anyone needs a valid excuse to be in Hawaii. Additionally, it's been known Henry Ian Cusick, and Sonya Walger have maintained their friendship since the ending of Lost, and this is not the first time the two have reunited. Basically, Lost fans wondering if this is some subtle clue that a new series based on the show is coming should not hold their breath.

Not that many Lost fans were thinking that, however, as most comments on social media revolved around how great it was to see Penny and Desmond together again. One fan even took the iconic picture of Desmond and Penny from the show, and with the help of photoshop, managed to edit in how the couple looks in their reunited photo:

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While recent talks with the show's cast have hinted otherwise, a Lost reboot is not entirely out of the question. Damon Lindelof said he and Carlton Cuse welcome any future attempt to reboot the franchise, which means there's always a possibility the show could come back. As mentioned, not everyone attached to the show is happy about that, as former star Evangeline Lily made it clear she felt future reboots would taint the memory of the original series. It's hard to say where Sonya Walger and Henry Ian Cusick stand on the matter with this photo, although it would appear Lost is just as fresh in their minds as it's ever been.

Lost fans wishing to take a trip back to the island can do so on Hulu. For a look at new things coming to television, be sure to visit our summer and fall premiere guides.

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