Lost Vet Evangeline Lilly Shares Her Feelings About Reboot Rumors

Evangeline Lilly Lost Kate
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Original Lost cast member Evangeline Lilly played beleaguered heroine and love triangle epicenter Kate Austen on the ABC cult hit Lost for six seasons. As of 2018, the show has been off the air for nearly eight years. With that much time for nostalgia to build, so has speculation about a potential reboot. It all leads to an inevitable question: Would Lilly be open to returning if a reboot actually came to fruition? Here is what Lilly had to say:

There's a rumor every year that they are going to reboot Lost, the thing about reboots and remakes is that I don't like them in general, period. I want people to leave Star Wars alone! I did love Rogue One, as an aside. But for the most part, I don't usually love them. I feel like it's just tainting something that's precious. I've said I don't want to do things in the past and I've done them -- you know, never say never -- but sitting where I am today, my assumption is no.

The most important part of that comment may be "never say never." It is a smart answer because who knows what could happen if this potential Lost reboot actually came into being? Maybe the reimagining would be so good it would be impossible to turn down. Perhaps it would alter the controversial ending that left many fans dissatisfied. Evangeline Lilly's answer to EW did cover all the bases though without mentioning the ending.

The cast was a core part of Lost; it is difficult to imagine the show returning without the original ensemble. Whether fans would even welcome a reboot of the series is another mystery. Evangeline Lilly may share the thoughts of many who may not want to see the original series revisited at all. The question any reboot would have to ask itself is why it would need to return.

Given all of the mythology and the list of unanswered questions, Lost is one of the few shows that could entirely merit its return on a creative basis rather than simply basing its comeback on a sense of nostalgia. Albeit nostalgia can be a worthy enough reason for a series to return. With ABC touching heavily upon Lost while promoting its new reality series, it is apparent the beloved series is not far from The Alphabet Network's mind.

Since Lost came to an end, Evangeline Lilly has remained busy on the silver screen. In 2013 and 2014, she starred in the second and the third installments of The Hobbit trilogy. The actress currently has a role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Hope van Dyne/Wasp. She made her debut in the movie Ant-Man. While she has remained busy on the silver screen, Lilly has not had a role as a series regular on a television series since Lost came to an end. Could a reboot change that?

Lost fans will have to wait and see. Television is a very intense, long-term commitment. And if Evangeline Lilly were to return for a Lost reboot, that pressure would be immense given how it would be competing against the memory of the beloved and critically acclaimed sci-fi drama's original run. Anything is possible though.

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