Rachel Bilson's Take Two Cancelled By ABC After One Season, But There's Hope

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The cancellation of networks' summer TV shows is continuing, this time, over at ABC. The Alphabet Network has decided the fate of the Rachel Bilson starrer, Take Two. Unfortunately for fans, that decision was to cancel the procedural. There is hope that it may not be done with its run quite yet, though.

Like many shows that were cancelled by their original network, Take Two may find a second life on a streaming platform. The crime procedural is being looked at by not one, but two streaming outlets, per THR. Those interested streamers were not identified.

Of course, there are arguably three platforms to choose from -- Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. Let's consider the contenders.

Netflix tends to be seen as the savior of cancelled series. This year, the streaming giant stood in the gap to revive Lucifer after Fox cancelled it. That series had a three-season run and developed a robust fan following. Take Two has one season with 13 episodes under its belt.

That said, Netflix is already streaming a Rachel Bilson-led series. The platform currently has her CW series, Hart of Dixie, streaming. They would know if it is a considerably popular pick among subscribers. If it is, they could be interested in having a new series that stars her in it. Netflix is not the only streamer with a Rachel Bilson show on its roster though.

Hulu is streaming the series that made Rachel Bilson a breakout star. That's right, Hulu has teen drama The O.C.'s dramatic run. Why not pick up a show starring one of its prominent stars? It makes sense Hulu would. Plus, having saved shows like The Mindy Project, it lines up that Hulu would be interested in Take Two.

Amazon is probably the least likely streamer to take on Take Two, although the platform has saved shows in the past. A detective crime procedural seems like a less obvious save for Amazon. So, it could be a long shot.

The number two seems to be both a lucky and unlucky number for the show, so who knows if that bodes well. It has two streaming platforms interested in it and its title features the number. On the other hand, it was not renewed for Season 2 by ABC. Time will tell if a streamer decides to give Take Two a second chance.

The ratings may have been flat by network standards. Albeit that may not be the same one streaming platforms' use to gauge it by. It is also worth mentioning that Take Two aired in the summer months. Summer shows usually have lower ratings.

Take Two starred (or stars) Rachel Bilson and Eddie Cibrian in the lead roles. The creators of Castle also created the currently cancelled series. Castle and Take Two had a lot in common plot-wise. Both centered on a person shadowing an investigator for research.

In the case of Richard Castle, it was to inspire his work as a novelist. In Take Two, Rachel Bilson's Sam starts shadowing Eddie Cibrian's private investigator as part of researching a potential acting role.

Sadly, for Take Two, it has yet to secure the long run accomplished by Castle. Stay tuned to see if a streamer ends up helping change that. In the meantime, television will continue heating up fall and the midseason.

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