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The Conners Delivered An Unexpected Pregnancy, And Not Everybody Is Happy About It

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for The Conners episode "Miracles." Read at your own risk!

The Conners are about to grow one in number as a member of the family just announced she's expecting a child. Surprisingly, Becky managed to beat the odds. Despite her low fertility, she is now officially pregnant and excited about this new chapter in her life. A majority of the Conner clan was excited by the news, but Dan Conner was upset when he learned that Becky intended to raise the baby on her own without the father.

Becky had her reasons for keeping the father out of the picture and told Dan she wanted to raise the child alone. When pressed, Becky confessed she actually didn't know who the father was, and the people she suspected it may didn't have meaningful enough relationships with her to consider a future with. Becky also felt that her raising a child on her own was a sign of independence and that she didn't need a man to help her.

Dan responded by implying Becky's reasoning was reckless, and that a child she brought into the world may suffer due to her actions. Specifically, Dan was worried that without two parents in the picture, Becky would either sacrifice time or money and rob the baby of future opportunities. Dan also said that the father of Becky's baby, whether he was a one-night stand or someone she barely knew, had a right to know she was carrying his child.

The conversation got even worse from there, as Dan informed Becky he was going to have to let her go from her job at the construction company. This might be why Dan was so concerned about Becky's finances, as he knew he couldn't have a pregnant woman working on his job site with all the hazardous chemicals around. Becky felt betrayed and accused her father of abandoning her at a time where she needs support from the family.

By the end of The Conners, Becky and Dan were on better terms, despite very little having changed in their feelings. Dan still thought a two-parent household was the best option for raising a child, and Becky made it clear she didn't care to hear his opinion. Despite that, the two shared a milkshake and there was a sense that Dan would still support his daughter however he could even if he couldn't keep her at work.

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