Castle's Co-Creators Have A New Show That Will Sound Familiar To Castle Fans

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There's a saying that pretty much everyone knows which goes, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it," and that seems to be exactly the idea that Castle co-creators Terri Edda Miller and Andrew W. Marlow are sticking with. The two are making a return to the alphabet network with a straight to series order for a show that won't ring any bells with its title, Take Two, but its plot certainly will sound familiar to any Castle fans.

According to Variety, Take Two stars Rachel Bilson as Ella, a fresh out of rehab former star of a cop drama looking to shadow a real-life detective in hopes of preparing for an upcoming role. Bilson teams up with Eddie Cibrian, who plays a detective named Eddie who begrudgingly takes her along to shadow him. Surprisingly, or not surprisingly for those have seen Castle, Ella's experience from her past line of work comes in handy and Eddie's phone is abuzz with folks wanting to work with the new crime-solving duo.

As some people may have already picked up on, this is the plot of Castle with the genders swapped and the jobs changed a little bit, but the core concept is still there. That's not necessarily bad news for viewers or ABC, as Castle ran for 8 seasons and 173 episodes on the network before cancellation, and had a pretty solid fan base. While some fans of the original series might have instead wished for a Season 9, Take Two sounds like a spiritual successor that those who enjoyed the original can get on board with. Former Castle star Stana Katic seems pretty hyped about the project as she took to Twitter to congratulate the co-creators on their upcoming procedural drama:

Nathan Fillion hasn't offered a response to the news on Twitter or any of his other social media sites, but he's not that frequent of a tweeter so one shouldn't assume his lack of response is "shade" just yet. With him rejoining the ABC family on a new television show soon, it's likely he won't be spouting off anything negative about his former employers even if he wanted to anytime soon.

Take Two is currently in development, so no release date has been announced yet, but reruns of Castle can be seen on TNT. For more on other upcoming shows, check out the dates for new and returning television shows on our fall premiere guide and midseason premiere guide. For a look at the TV shows that didn't quite make it out of 2017 alive, head over to our cancellation guide.

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