How Chicago Fire's Casey Feels About Moving On After Divorcing Dawson

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When Chicago Fire kicked off its seventh season, it had to do so without Monica Raymund as Dawson. Although most of the characters could move on without too many huge changes, Casey of course could not. He learned that his wife was staying in Puerto Rico indefinitely in the Season 7 premiere, and a recent episode finally saw them official divorce. Alas for Dawsey fans everywhere! Now, actor Jesse Spencer has shared how Casey feels about moving on now that his marriage has ended:

The reality of actually being physically close to another person is just automatically weird. It's very strange. And he doesn't wanna rush into things but he wants to move on. I don't think we'll see him settle down anytime soon. That doesn't mean his relationship with Naomi won't continue. He doesn't wanna just jump back into another relationship straight away.

It makes sense that Casey wouldn't immediately jump into a new relationship in the wake of his divorce from Dawson, even if he has come to terms with the fact that she's not coming back to him. They were together starting all the way back in Season 2. Despite their share of rough patches prior to her decision to leave for Puerto Rico, Chicago Fire seems like it would have kept them together if not for Monica Raymund's decision to leave.

For Dawsey fans, Jesse Spencer's comments to TV Guide should come as a bit of a relief. They don't give any sign that Dawson is on her way back (and Monica Raymund has landed a new show since leaving Chicago Fire), but at least the show isn't just immediately moving Casey on from arguably the most important relationship of his life since the show began. Of course, that's not to say that Casey will spend the rest of the series single and unwilling to mingle.

Chicago Fire has already flirted with a new romance for Casey thanks to the advances from investigative reporter Naomi, who didn't exactly hide her interest in Casey. To his credit, Casey didn't really lead her on in believing that he's open to a relationship. Their dynamic began and progressed because he helped her out on a case involving suspicious fires. There was flirting and almost a kiss, but no contact. Casey just isn't ready.

For now, the biggest romance in the firehouse is the one between Severide and Stella. They had a scare earlier in the season when Stella was seriously injured on the job, and she came very close to a surgery that would have prevented her from ever returning to her post as a firefighter. The death of Severide's father saw Stella really rise to the occasion to help him. Complications are undoubtedly coming their way, but they do provide a fix of romance for viewers who like a little love in the firehouse.

Only time will tell how long it takes for Casey to dip his toe back into the dating pool on Chicago Fire. The next new episode airs on Wednesday, December 5 at 9 p.m. ET on NBC. For some viewing options following the fall finale, swing by our midseason TV premiere guide.

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