Chicago Fire's Monica Raymund Just Found Her Next TV Show

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Monica Raymund surprised fans when she announced she would be exiting Chicago Fire ahead of its seventh season. Raymund's move, and subsequently her character's, will have a significant impact on the NBC drama throughout its upcoming installment. In her statement confirming her departure from the series, Raymund wrote that it was time for her to "move on to the next chapter in life." Well, we now know what that next chapter will include, and it is a lead role on a premium cable drama.

Monica Raymund will headline the upcoming LGBT-centric drama P-Town on Starz that will deal with the opioid epidemic. The series is set in the popular gay resort of Provincetown, Massachusetts and will follow Raymund's Jackie Quinones, per TVLine. Described as a party-loving lesbian, Jackie works as a National Marine Fisheries Services officer. She is thrilled to put her gun and badge to work picking up lady tourists visiting the summer hot spot. Jackie's life soon takes a huge turn when she makes a grisly discovery.

She finds a body that has washed ashore on the beach: a murder victim caught up as collateral damage in the opioid epidemic. Jackie's life subsequently begins to descend into a downward spiral as she becomes obsessed with solving the case. As she confronts her own addictions, Jackie is forced to deal with the dark side of Provincetown and ends up endangering herself, and her sobriety, putting everything on the line to solve this case.

This sounds like an exciting role with lots of intriguing twists and turns for Monica Raymund to explore as an actress. From the character description alone, you can tell this is a lead role that will offer Raymund a lot to do. There are the emotional character-driven arcs to the story and the mystery that will be driving Jackie.

And it did not take long for her to land the role. Just four months after announcing her exit from Chicago Fire back in May, she has already signed as the lead for the new series. While she is gone from the drama, the show will continue to explore the impact of her absence in the upcoming season.

Gotham's Rebecca Cutter is the force behind creating P-Town. Cutter will serve as the co-showrunner with Power's Gary Lennon on the series, which includes Jerry Bruckheimer as an executive producer. Production on P-Town will begin in March. No premiere date was mentioned in the report, so fans of Monica Raymund will have to stay tuned to find out when exactly they will see her make her return to television.

Thankfully, there is a lot of awesome tv content to watch in the meantime, including the actress' former series Chicago Fire. The NBC drama will return for its seventh season -- Wednesday, September 26 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. And there is more where that came from on the Peacock Network.

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