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Lethal Weapon: Watch Cole And Natalie Discuss Their Kiss In New Sneak Peek

Lethal Weapon's third season so far has been an action-packed batch of episodes, but that hasn't meant no room for romance and new character development. Despite all of their baggage (and the fact that she has a boyfriend), Cole and Natalie shared a kiss in a recent installment. In this sneak peek of the November 27 episode, Cole and Natalie discuss the potentially game-changing twist, although one of them is much happier to talk about it than the other. Take a look!

Given their reactions at the end of the previous episode, it's no surprise that Cole wants to talk about the kiss while Natalie would prefer to duck his calls. Cole has been more or less pining after his former lady love (and the mother of his child) all season, whereas Nat has had stable relationship with a perfectly decent (although somewhat boring) man who sees a long future with her.

In a nice twist, neither Cole nor Natalie is being too hasty dealing with their kiss, which was clearly not planned by either of them. Cole expected Natalie to tell her boyfriend, and Natalie didn't want to do anything until she was sure of what she wanted. It doesn't paint Nat in the best light that she hasn't told her boyfriend the truth, but she obviously wants to spare his feelings, no matter what path she chooses.

The sneak peek is worth a laugh, especially when Cole declares that he would change his kissing technique if Natalie deems it too "messy." The scene might have come across as creepy if Cole was pushy about pursuing something with Natalie; instead, he just wants to talk, and maybe this is a relationship viewers can really root for despite the love triangle. We'll have to wait and see. At least Cole is up and about despite his injuries in the previous episode!

This scene is further proof that Lethal Weapon has been able to move on in both the action and the character development departments without Riggs in Season 3. Cole has already become a well-rounded character and solid foil to Murtaugh, and he could conceivably carry the show if Damon Wayans does indeed leave after Season 3 (and the show doesn't get cancelled).

There's also the point that Lethal Weapon has expanded its cast to include a new female maverick character, proving that this is a series that can adapt and evolve despite major changes that likely were not planned in the grand scheme of things early on. Who could have guessed how well the show would bounce back after killing off Riggs? We have Cole as well as Natalie and others to thank for easing the transition.

Tune in to Fox on Tuesday, November 27 at 9 p.m. ET to see the rest of the next Lethal Weapon episode beyond this sneak peek. For some viewing options in the not-too-distant future, swing by our midseason TV premiere schedule.

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