CBS All Access Has Cancelled Its First Original Series

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It has been four years since CBS All Access debuted. As long as it has been in existence, it had yet to cancel a scripted series. That stat has now changed. CBS All Access has done the inevitable in the content business. It has cancelled its first original series. So, which one did it cancel?

One Dollar. Yes, and there is unlikely to be any "change." The series has the distinction of being CBS All Access' first cancellation. One Dollar had only one season in its wallet before the decision was made. While sharing the news, CBS All Access expressed pride in the 10-episode series, per THR.

Unfortunately, it was not enough to loan the show another season. One Dollar was a mystery/thriller. It was given a straight to series order in August 2017 and premiered a year later in late August 2018. The Season 1 finale aired November 1. The decision to end the series comes more than a month after that episode debuted on the streamer.

For those who do not know, One Dollar was set in a small town in the Rust Belt, post-recession. As its title suggests, a one-dollar bill played an integral role in the series. It changed hands between a group of characters involved in a shocking multiple murder. So, it featured a mysterious premise.

The good news is that people who may not have caught One Dollar during its original run will still be able to check it out. In a statement, CBS All Access confirmed that the series would be available to stream. Perhaps it will develop a cult audience.

No explicit reason was given for the cancellation, although ratings are often the reason for a show to get the axe. That said, recent cancellations on other streamers have seemed to fly in the face of that supposition.

One Dollar starred John Carroll Lynch, Nathaniel Martello-White, and Philip Ettinger, among others. Currently awaiting word on their fate is Kevin Williamson's freshman fairytale drama, Tell Me a Story, as well as No Activity.

Looking at CBS All Access' current slate, there seems to be no reason for One Dollar not to have done well. Dramas heavily populate the streaming service. The cancellation is a sad development for the mystery/thriller genre, although not necessarily indicative of its overarching popularity with viewers.

Interestingly, there is a unique spate of time periods that are showcased on CBS All Access. Strange Angel takes place in the past, The Good Fight in the present, and Star Trek: Discovery in the future. One Dollar fell into that present category. So, it should not have faced issues there.

The Good Wife's spinoff has already received a third season order. Strange Angel has also been renewed for a second season. Fans are anxiously awaiting the debut of Star Trek: Discovery's second installment. In all, one cancellation in four years is not a bad statistic.

Whether One Dollar will be the first of more before the end of the year remains a mystery. The series was among many shows airing new episodes this fall. Even more shows await viewers in the midseason and throughout the new year.

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