The Good Wife's Julianna Margulies Explains Why She Didn't Want To Guest Star In The Good Fight

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Juliana Margulies isn't ruling out an Alicia Florrick appearance in The Good Wife's CBS All Access spinoff The Good Fight, although she certainly wasn't down to jump on board when the show first began. The actress recently confirmed that she was asked to be a part of the spinoff's inaugural season, and explained why she ultimately declined to guest star in Season 1:

I really didn't want to do it when they asked me in the first season because I didn't think that was fair [to the series or its cast]. I felt like, 'Get on your own two feet. Do your thing.' Because if Alicia had come in, in the first season, it would have been [all] about Alicia and The Good Wife. And now it's their show.

Juliana Margulies had some sound reasoning for opting out of an appearance in Season 1 of The Good Fight, and it's certainly hard to dispute her logic. The former star of The Good Wife is open to a cameo now that the show is headed towards Season 3, although admittedly, she told TVLine she has "uncomfortable" feelings about "going backward" when it comes to her career. That said, Margulies has returned to past shows she's been involved with, although fans know well enough her alleged feud on The Good Wife just may give her additional reservations about appearing in this spinoff. That said actress Archie Panjabi isn't involved in The Good Fight in any way, so fans shouldn't count Margulies out for an appearance on The Good Fight just yet.

Juliana Margulies has been a fan of what The Good Fight did with its pilot episode, although said she hasn't watched any more episodes beyond that. For Margulies, it was just too difficult to get past the mechanics of making a legal drama and see the show that other viewers see:

I said to Robert and Michelle [King] recently that it's hard for me to watch a law show right now, which is how I felt after ER. I couldn't watch another medical show, because you go right back into [the mechanics of shooting a show like that]. It just takes you out of the show. I'll binge watch it in a year or two.

Juliana Margulies promised she wasn't giving up on The Good Fight, and noted that she'll probably binge the series when it gets further along. Those who want to check out the show can currently find the first two seasons up on CBS All Access. For a look at other things coming to streaming, check out our Netflix and Amazon premiere guides. Those looking for a new show or two to beat the heat during these brutal summer months can head on over to our summer premiere guide. For more on The Good Wife, check out the staggering price tag the show got per episode in syndication.

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