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The Internet Had A Field Day With Miley Cyrus' Revealing SNL Outfit

miley cyrus snl almost nip slip jacket

When pop star Miley Cyrus puts on a live TV performance, people are going to be paying attention in droves. Such was the case when she and British DJ and musician Mark Ronson were the guest musicians for Saturday Night Live's holiday-geared episode. For a while, it was as if SNL's political humor didn't exist, thanks Cyrus' revealing outfit causing many viewers and internet-goers to believe they might witness a major wardrobe malfunction.

To many watching, it was a reminder of that infamous Super Bowl moment when Janet Jackson's breast was mostly exposed by Justin Timberlake. Though TV censors have gotten slightly more relaxed since then, especially on cable, accidental nudity on live TV is always going to be a nightmare scenario for standards and practices. That seems to be exactly what this person was thinking where Miley Cyrus was concerned.

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Heaven help us all if Michael Scott ever gets to the level of being a network censor for any TV entity, since he's just going to sit back and watch the world burn. If any former NBC character should have been standing in for Miley Cyrus' performance, it'd probably be 30 Rock's Kenneth.

Others out there weren't necessarily afraid that Miley Cyrus' jacket was going to pop open and give the world an eyeful. Rather, they were emboldened by the dependability of the double-sided tape Cyrus was using.

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One has to have a lot of trust in a product to go out on national TV and risk accidental nudity, so the tape Miley Cyrus used likely got the seal of approval from many who were watching. Perhaps that brand should have sponsored the episode.

Not that Miley Cyrus is the kind of artist who shies away from performing provocatively when the mood fits. PopSugar's Sarah Wasilak praised the former teen actor for taking her own path regardless of what comes her way, while also showing much love to Cyrus' fashion choices for each performance.

Yes, her outfit was sexy and it was definitely NSFW, but Miley has always been about taking a risk. . . . I'm not only impressed with Miley's talent, although that is, of course, what I appreciate most, but also her dedication to staying true to herself and wearing whatever the heck she wants if she feels good about it.

For Miley Cyrus' other performance in the episode, she wasn't wearing the same jacket, but rather another outfit that also happened to feature a neckline that plunged quite noticeably. It's presumed the same heaping of double-sided tape was used there, just in case.

Not everyone was so pleased that Miley Cyrus' skin-to-clothes ratio got as much attention as it did, given just how slamming her and Mark Ronson's performances were for "Nothing Breaks Like a Heart" and the John Lennon track "War Is Over." (The latter even featured a special appearance from Sean Lennon.)

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Miley Cyrus, who seemingly confirmed her future appearance in Netflix's anthology series Black Mirror, has a legion of fans that aren't always so appreciative when her looks get more attention than her talents. But there are definitely those out there who appreciate the entire package without arguing for or against any particular elements.

Miley Cyrus, love her voice and don't mind at all that she has no shirt on, love the jacket.

Then, of course, there will always be the person that just wants to use the headline-making occasion in order to make a buck.

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What did you guys think of Miley Cyrus and Mark Ronson's stellar performances? Considering how highly rated her episodes tend to be, expect her to return next season, if not again as host before Season 44 ends.

Saturday Night Live airs every Saturday night on NBC at 11:30 p.m. ET, but do expect some repeats ahead for the holiday season. While waiting to hear about everyone who'll be hitting the stage in 2019, be sure to keep up with all the great fall TV and midseason premieres that are coming.

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