Star Trek Vet George Takei Just Landed His Next Big TV Show

Star Trek George Takei Hikaru Sulu
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Star Trek's George Takei has joined the second season cast of a high-profile and much-acclaimed drama. AMC has announced that Takei will star in the second season of its hit horror anthology, The Terror.

George Takei has joined the cast as Yamato-san. He is described as being a community elder. Yamato-san is also a former fishing captain. No other details were provided about Takei's character. What was shared is intriguing though.

As previously announced, Season 2 is set during World War II. It will center on a string of inexplicable deaths that come to haunt a Japanese-American community, including an internment camp. Season 2 will chronicle one young man's journey as he tries to both understand and fight the sinister entity that is to blame.

One would hope that the young hero of the story will seek Yamato-san's assistance in his battle against the entity terrorizing their community. Viewers will have to tune in and see if that happens. Season 1 involved people on stranded ships being confronted by a menacing entity.

Could George Takei's character have previously encountered this same entity while a fishing captain? Besides both seasons dealing with an evil force, the water does seem to be a possible connection. Perhaps that experience will come into play. It is an anthology series, so their being disconnected is not entirely off the table. Anthologies tend to be a bit isolated in connecting to previous installments.

In a sign that bodes extremely well for the Star Trek icon's screen time on the show, George Takei has signed on as a series regular. Had he signed on to recur, that would have potentially indicated a steady, albeit slightly less visible, presence. His status a series regular bodes well for high hopes of him being prominently featured in Season 2.

Along with the casting announcement, AMC shared that George Takei will also serve an integral role behind the camera. Takei will act as a consultant on The Terror's second season. The actor will bring his personal experiences to bear on the project.

During his childhood, George Takei was imprisoned in two Japanese-American internment camps following the start of World War II. Accordingly, he will work with executive producers on The Terror to assure the historical and storytelling accuracy of the season.

Production on The Terror's second season will get underway in January. Season 2 will span ten episodes. With an early 2019 start date for production, The Terror is slated to air at some point in 2019. An exact release date for Season 2 has not been announced yet, so stay tuned.

The first season was a huge hit when it aired on AMC earlier this year. During its run, The Terror ranked as the second new cable drama of the season. Season 2 is getting itself into gear to perform similarly. The upcoming season gives fans of The Terror something to look forward in the new year.

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