The Bachelor Star Colton Underwood's Biggest Fear About This Season

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The time has almost come for Bachelor Nation to embark on the latest round of the popular reality series. The Bachelor's current star, former Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise star Colton Underwood is opening up about his biggest fear regarding the upcoming season, saying this about his biggest concerns:

Just the concern of it not working at the end of this. This is an environment that is built for the success of a relationship, and if I get to the end of this and I'm in love and I get down on one knee and it doesn't get reciprocated, that's gonna be hard. That'd be the hardest thing. That's my greatest fear in all of this.

Based on what Colton Underwood is telling EW, it sounds as though he expects Season 23 to end with him proposing to a presumably lucky winner. That is a huge step that some former Bachelor leads have not always taken at the end of a given season. Then, there are those that have taken the plunge only to decide they wanted the person they'd initially turned away.

Colton Underwood's greatest fear appears to be learning his love for someone is sadly unrequited, witha proposal being a truly horrifying time to discover such things. Any marriage proposal can be nerve-wracking, and an onslaught of cameras provides more intensity for the pressure cooker that is "asking someone to spend the rest of their life with you."

Whether or not The Bachelor's environment is entirely conducive to finding long-term love is open to debate, but we know which side Colton Underwood is on. That state of mind ultimately worked out for previous Bachelor lead Arie Luyendyk Jr., though his road to happiness proved to be a turbulent one indeed.

The Bachelor Season 23 marks Colton Underwood's third attempt to find love within the overallBachelor franchise. Underwood was a contestant on the latest season of The Bachelorette, making it quite far before Becca Kufrin let him go. Underwood then ventured to Bachelor in Paradise to pursue true love.

As everyone probably figured out, things did not work out for Colton Underwood there either. Hence, he is the latest to top-line The Bachelor. One thing Underwood is making clear by revealing his greatest fear is that he's looking for an engagement-level commitment by the end of the season. That's something he previously hinted at when he was initially announced as Season 23's Bachelor, though no one can ever tell how things will go between then and the finale.

Viewers anxious to see how the season will end for Colton Underwood will have to stay tuned. They already have a slight idea about what Season 23 will entail, and outspoken fans are already wise to one contestant's plan to utilize a fake Australian accent to capture Underwood's heart. Bachelor Nation will likely be paying close attention to see if her deception gets her very far.

Colton Underwood's journey for love should take him down some interesting roads. Is it possible he might get refused a "yes" to a season-ending proposal? Anything can happen on The Bachelor, which is something long-time fans can attest. It is one of the aspects that has kept the show at the fore of the pop culture water cooler for over 15 years, and even though long-term love between couples has had a spot track record, Colton Underwood hopes to be the exception.

Find out if he is when the new season of The Bachelor premieres on ABC on Monday, January 7, at 8 p.m. The reality series is among many shows returning new during the midseason.

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