The Bachelor 2019 Has A Girl With A Fake Australian Accent And The Internet Is Already Obsessed

The Bachelor Season 23 hasn't even premiered yet, and already one of its contestants has the internet talking. A promotional clip for the upcoming season shows Bri introducing herself to Colton Underwood as a sweet girl with an accent from the land down under otherwise known as Australia. Here's the thing though: That Australian accent is completely fake. And now that they know, the folks of Twitter are obsessed with this girl and her reasoning behind the deception.

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Bri's not wrong, a lot of staying on The Bachelor seems to be finding a way to differentiate yourself from the other contestants. That said, Bri's attempt to gain the attention of Colton Underwood may have backfired because he complimented her on the accent, which as we know, is not her actual voice. If she comes clean, is she going to be remembered as the alluring and quirky woman, or the weirdo who lied to him right off the bat?

The Bachelor fans immediately understood Bri's predicament, and they're really hoping she commits to the bit. If the Aussie angle works, many are wanting Bri to continue the act, regardless of whether or not she's familiar with the continent beyond its dialect.

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One thing that is known is that Bri's act is eventually found out, as Colton Underwood told TMZ he appreciated the fake accent. In his words, the voice was unique and something different that helped her stand out amongst the crowd. Luckily, he didn't spoil how long Bri sticks to the act, which means there's a chance this goes on for a while. Crikey, it seems as though this is going to be a wild season of The Bachelor.

That said, there may be no harm in Bri being found out, as one astute Twitter user pointed out the contestant may be playing the game smarter than it seems. While Bri certainly allowed Colton to believe she's an Australian, at no point did she say she was actually from there.

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Very smooth, Bri. The 24-year-old model from Los Angeles told no lies and asked Colton Underwood if he's a fan of accents. I'm crossing my fingers that means she's got more than the Aussie voice, and she just starts casually slipping into different accents as Season 23 progresses. Of course, there are no guarantee's Colton will like Bri as much as America does, and her run on The Bachelor may last as long as her secrecy about the accent.

Season 23 of The Bachelor kicks off on ABC Monday, January 7 at 8:00 p.m. ET. Stick with CinemaBlend throughout the season as the drama unfolds, and be sure to visit our midseason premiere guide to see what else is coming to television in 2019.

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