Macaulay Culkin Made Golden Globes Jokes About Brother Kieran's HBO Show

Kieran Culkin as Roman Roy in Succession on HBO

Siblings, amiright? Macaulay Culkin broke out his Twitter troll A-game during Golden Globes 2019 to trash talk his brother Kieran Culkin. The younger Culkin was nominated for playing Roman Roy on HBO's criminally undervalued Succession. Macaulay live-tweeted as he watched the Globes, repeatedly taking little digs at his bro. Like this:

Mac obviously knew Kieran was nominated. (And there's no way the Culkin family Thanksgiving could ever be more awkward or toxic than the Roy family Thanksgiving in Succession Season 1.) But Mac raised his troll game to the next level after Kieran lost the Best Supporting Actor In A TV Series Or TV Movie category to Ben Whishaw:

You know you are savage when you spell your own brother's name wrong when rooting for one of his other competitors to win.

Speaking of Henry Winkler, though, the Barry star was part of another Mac joke about Kieran:

Macaulay Culkin kept his act up for a while on Twitter, until bailing on the Golden Globes entirely:

Thanks for your support, bro! Macaulay did actually congratulate Kieran on his nomination when it came out, as the Succession star told The Hollywood Reporter:

Yeah, he sent me a text. He'd texted me before I went to bed saying, "Hey, you want to get together on Friday to play Toejam & Earl?" It's an awesome video game. And I just didn't respond, so the next text was like, "Hey, I just heard. Congratulations." So I don't know what to respond to first. I guess, "Thanks," and then, "Yes, let's play Toejam & Earl."

Famous former child stars = they're just like us.

In all seriousness, though, Succession was one of the best shows of 2018, and certainly the best debut season of the year. Sure, the Roys are almost all unlikable, but the tension played like a symphony across the first 10 episodes.

Kieran Culkin was an obvious scene-stealing standout as sarcastic young Roman Roy, hence the Golden Globe nod. And Nicholas Braun's Greg Hirsch is the easiest character to actually root for. But for my money Jeremy Strong's Kendall Roy owned the first season. He had the toughest role and sold it masterfully in that finale. I can't wait for Season 2.

And maybe this time Macaulay Culkin can live-tweet Succession Season 2 just like the Golden Globes. He could probably outsnark Roman Roy himself. (This is why Kieran Culkin needs to join Twitter -- so he can defend himself against his own troll of a brother.)

Kieran Culkin didn't win a Golden Globe, but here are the people who did. And here are the shows we know will be airing in early 2019. Succession isn't on that list, and HBO's new look at 2019 just replayed a clip from the Season 1 finale. Hopefully the network also shares a Season 2 premiere date fairly soon.

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