Kevin Barnett: Celebs And Friends React To The Comedian's Death

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The comedy world experienced a huge shock this week when Kevin Barnett, stand-up comic and co-creator of the Fox sitcom Rel, was found dead while vacationing in Mexico. No cause of death has been revealed, making the 32-year-old entertainer's tragic passing all the more curious. But that information wasn't necessary for Barnett's friends and fellow comedians to share kind words and memories about him as a way of celebrating his life.

Here, we're going over some of those touching remarks as a way to keep the memory of Kevin Barnett intact. Let's start off with his friend Lil Rel Howery, whom he co-created Rel with, alongside Josh Rabinowitz. Howery took to Instagram to post a picture of the two comics looking as dapper as ever, with this as his mournful message.

In all honesty this dude was brilliant and was a very hard worker... I'm thankful for him and Josh always putting in the extra hours to make sure every script was on point... Kevin was somebody I would always give shit to because it was fun and funny plus he had the same crazy sense of humor... Over the years we would have some hysterical dope convos and exchange crazy stories... I can't stop crying on this plane it's really starting to hit me that he is actually gone... At 32 he accomplished so much in this business and was respected by many... Rest In Peace my brother and my friend... Thank you for the last 6 years of helping make my dreams come true man.

Not only did Get Out star Lil Rel Howery develop Fox's semi-successful Rel with Kevin Barnett, but he also worked with him on the truTV sketch comedy series Friends of the People and NBC's former sitcom The Carmichael Show, for which Barnett was a writer.

Speaking of his fellow co-stars, Rel's co-star Jessica "Jess Hilarious" Moore also took to social media to voice her regrets about not being able to share particular moments with Kevin Barnett ever again.

I'm so sorry Kevin???? you were soooo sweet and the fact that I'll never ever get to hear you say "Coolio????????" and I'd roll my eyes and say "Kevin that shit is corny" ever again is breaking my heart. Rest In Peace Angel.

As well, Kevin Barnett's death is being mourned by another Carmichael Show vet, In Living Color alum David Alan Grier. He posted the following.

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At 32 years old, Kevin Barnett's youth definitely plays into why fans are so shocked by his death. Not to mention the fact that his career was on the up and up, and he'd seemingly been having a good time in Mexico just days earlier, at least judging by his social media posts.

Former SNL star Brooks Wheelan knows a little something about going on a big road trip with Kevin Barnett. Wheelan posted a shot of him and Barnett in Hawaii after taking a spontaneous trip.

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That sounds like a great memory to hold onto, and anyone can appreciate being able to just put everything else on hold in order to take an island trip. They apparently had a bit more fun during the trip, too, pretending to be a just-wed couple.

We also got an upgrade because we told the concierge we were on our honeymoon and held hands the whole time. Fuck he was funny.

Los Angeles comic and podcaster (and baseball fanatic) Brody Stevens echoed many other comedians' thoughts about Kevin Barnett in his post.

Met Kevin Barnett a few years back at The Oddball Festival. Just saw him at The Comedy Store. Super funny, sincere & a really nice kid. Believe everything you're reading about him. Very sad. Hard to believe. Thinking of his close friends & family. Rest In Peace.

Many other comics and friends of Kevin Barnett mourned his passing online, making one thing very clear. No one is going to forget Barnett's kindness, his humor or his work ethic any time soon.

We at CinemaBlend send our thoughts and condolences to the family and friends of Kevin Barnett in their time of mourning.

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