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The 150th episode of Arrow is fast-approaching, and it promises to be an hour of television unlike any other Arrow has produced. While most of what we know of the episode is concerned with its curious documentary format, showrunner Beth Schwartz recently teased that a significant new character will debut in the big episode. Here’s how she put it:

Yes. And you will meet them at the end of [Episode] 12, our 150th episode.

The good news is that the 150th episode is right around the corner, hitting the airwaves on February 4. The bad news is that Beth Schwartz was careful with her pronoun use in her tease to TVLine, so we can’t even say for sure if the new character will be a man or a woman!

Given that Kelsey Grammer was already confirmed for the episode (and I can’t imagine he would actually sign on for an ongoing Arrow character in front of the camera), we can probably rule him out as the person to whom Schwartz is referring.

Arrow has already introduced some notable new characters, not the least of which has been Oliver’s half-sister Emiko. The reveal that she’s the Green Arrow who took over for Oliver when he was behind bars was a shock to many, and the big “My Name is Emiko Queen” episode highlighted her to a degree that some are already wondering if she’s being set up to replace Oliver as star of the show. Perhaps after the “Crisis On Infinite Earths” arc in the fall?

Maya is arguably a significant new character as well, although her status as a young woman in the flash-forwards likely means that she’ll never be part of the main Arrow action. Who could have guessed that Arrow would have yet another big new character?

Honestly, my fingers are crossed that this newcomer will be a new villain. Ricardo Diaz was never my favorite of Oliver’s baddies, and he’s outstayed his welcome in my book. If he remains off the streets, Arrow will be in need of a new villain to mess everything up for Team Arrow and Co. A new baddie would be an excuse for a second go at the Birds of Prey in the Arrow-verse. Hey, if at first you don’t succeed, try again with the doppelganger of a dead character, right?

Arrow’s last genuinely scary bad guy for me was Prometheus; can we get another unhinged and/or evil nemesis? We’ll have to wait and see, but all signs point toward the 150th episode as one not to miss. I’m actually relieved that Arrow is getting to showcase itself in some new and unique ways in Episode 150, as the show lost its milestone 100th episode to the annual crossover back in Season 5.

That episode was as solid of an Arrow showcase as was possible as one part of a multi-show event, but Arrow for me deserved an hour all of its own to celebrate hitting such a milestone. Hopefully the 150th episode, with its brand new character, will deliver!

New episodes of Arrow air on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW, with the 150th episode debuting on Monday, February 4. For some additional viewing options, be sure to swing by our midseason TV premiere schedule.

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