How Arrow Will Deliver The Birds Of Prey In Season 7

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The back half of Arrow Season 7 will feature a lot of how Oliver deals with things like becoming a law-abiding Green Arrow and having a secret sister, but he's not the only character getting some meaningful plot development. Showrunner Beth Schwartz revealed that there are exciting things in store for Katie Cassidy's Earth-2 Laurel, who will be getting an episode that teases something Arrow-verse fans have asked about for a while. Brace yourselves, a Birds Of Prey-inspired episode is coming.

Beth Schwartz went on to say that the episode will involve Laurel in some way, but divulged very little else to TVLine on the upcoming Season 7 episode. That means no details on the lineup, although one would think Juliana Harkavy's Dinah will be involved in some way. Harkavy spoke of the possibility of such a thing last year at San Diego Comic-Con, but it didn't seem the show was primed to go that direction at the time.

Now that the news is confirmed, Dinah seems like a legitimate inclusion in this upcoming adventure, and it isn't so crazy to think Barbara Gordon may appear as well. Gotham City's Arrow-verse introduction could mean her character could pop in to play Oracle. Oracle was a part of the team lineup in the television adaptation Birds of Prey and is often a member present in the comics. If Barbara is headed to Arrow, that would obviously be a huge deal.

Another character who frequents Birds of Prey adventures is Huntress, although it's been a minute since Arrow viewers have seen her in action. Her last appearance, hilariously enough, was in the Season 2 episode "Birds of Prey," which saw her team up with Laurel and Sara Lance. It's been a long time since Season 2 of course, and with neither Black Siren nor Canary in the picture at that point, it wouldn't make sense for her to be involved.

Beyond Birds of Prey-inspired shenanigans, Beth Schwartz said Laurel's also going to get a bit of her backstory on Earth 2 filled out, and Arrow fans will learn whether or not Black Siren has truly become one of the good guys. She's done a decent amount of things to prove she's "Team Arrow," but will that hold up should shit really hit the fan in Star City? Perhaps these episodes about her background will make the answer more evident.

Arrow is back on The CW for the back half of Season 7 Mondays at 8:00 p.m. ET. Keep an eye on CinemaBlend for all the latest exciting updates on things happening in the Arrow-verse, and be sure to watch out for what else is coming to television in 2019 with our midseason premiere guide.

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