The Gross Reason Gotham's Cameron Monaghan Was Glad To Stop Wearing Jeremiah's Suits

Jeremiah on Gotham

Cameron Monaghan has looked fairly dapper more recently on Fox’s Gotham as he’s taken on more of the suits and gloves that fans know and love the actual Joker for. However, don’t be impressed. If you think it’s fun to run around in a dapper suit on the set of the long-running series, you’d be very incorrect. Monaghan revealed in a recent interview that they are actually kind of gross, noting,

You have to wear those suits so much, that the last thing you ever want to do is to wear them again. Especially because, you like, you wear them for months, there’s only a couple, they probably don’t wash them too often or get them dry-cleaned, but regardless you’re in fight scenes, sweating.

So, a lack of cleaning is certainly a little gross, but Cameron Monaghan didn’t stop there in his interview with Metro. In fact, he got pretty detail about a time when his co-star David Mazouz, who plays Bruce Wayne in the series, actually got too hot and threw up while filming with Monaghan. Yet, they kept having to film takes in their costumes afterward. He said:

I remember we did this fight scene, with David [Mazouz] and I, and it was so hot and we were wearing our coats, that my make-up was dripping off my face, everything was melting and David got so hot and sweating so much in this suit that he was throwing up! And we had to continue doing this scene! So when you think about how much sweat and also vomit and other bodily fluids are probably in these things, the last thing you want to do is keep them!

While Shazam may have 10 million dollar suits at his disposal, it looks like Cameron Monoghan doesn’t have more than a couple regular suits to work in and those get very sweaty. (Apparently, sometimes they even get vomit-y.)

On the bright side, Gotham finished filming on its final season back in mid-December, so at this point wearing suits during Season 5 should be a distant memory, albeit a pretty foul one. Originally the final season was only expected to air for 10 episodes, but Fox ended up signing on for 12 to wrap the story up in a way that made sense.

So, even though filming has wrapped, we’ll be seeing more from the Gotham cast in the weeks to come. Which is good, because the absolutely bonkers way that Gotham featured Selina stabbing Jeremiah Valeska during the last episode leaves many questions to be answered, especially since we’ve heard a “proto Joker” will be on the way.

For now, Gotham airs on Thursdays at 8 p.m., only on Fox. Although it may be hard to see the show’s costumes in the same light, now we know what rigors the cast has put them through.

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