Bryan Cranston Has A New TV Series Heading To Premium Cable

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Bryan Cranston has a new TV series, and it is headed to premium cable. The acclaimed actor will not just star in the upcoming show. He will also executive produce it. What is this series called and where will it air?

Bryan Cranston’s new series is entitled Your Honor, and it will bow on Showtime. As for what it is about, well, fans of Breaking Bad should appreciate the intense nature of the show. Cranston will play a respected judge in New Orleans.

His character will be thrust into a “high-stakes game” comprised of “lies, deceit, and impossible choices.” The reason? His son’s involvement in a hit-and-run. It sounds like this judge may work overtime to protect his son from the repercussions. A legal thriller, Your Honor will tear through every stratum in New Orleans society on Showtime.

It sounds pretty thrilling and suspenseful, which are ingredients to stories that Bryan Cranston has proven excellent at playing. Your Honor should be yet another stunning showcase for the Oscar-nominated actor. Based on the premise, you can tell this is going to be a robust platform for him.

Bryan Cranston will get the chance to play his character starting at a high-point. He has success and power. Then, fast-forward to the roller coaster ride of trying to deal with the aftermath of what his son has done. Those are a lot of angles for Cranston to play.

In the press release, the show is described as being a limited series. Previously known as a miniseries, it appears that Your Honor will be one-and-done. Of course, other shows have planned for the same and decided to keep going.

It is important to note that Your Honor is a remake of the Israeli series Kvodo. While Your Honor is currently labeled a “limited series,” Kvodo aired one season and then was renewed for a second, per Deadline.

As of now, Your Honor is set to run for 10-episodes. That length should make telling a fleshed out and well-rounded narrative pretty achievable. Should the show be a huge success, it stands to reason an expanded narrative could be greenlit.

Considering the premise and Bryan Cranston’s high-regard as an actor, Your Honor could very well be a huge hit come awards season. The critical acclaim alone could pave the way for interest to continue the show for another installment.

Criminal Justice’s Peter Moffat will serve as showrunner on the series. Criminal Justice was the show HBO's hit The Night Of was based on. Along with show-running, Moffat will be executive producing and penning multiple episodes of Your Honor, including the show’s premiere episode.

So, when can you expect Bryan Cranston’s new show to premiere? Your Honor is set to go into production on location in New Orleans, later this year. That could put it airing as late as 2020. Thankfully, many shows are premiering this year to keep you entertained.

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