Looks Like Star Trek: Discovery's Georgiou Spinoff Added Another Character

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for Star Trek: Discovery**!**

Georgiou made a surprise appearance in a recent episode of Star Trek: Discovery, and she certainly made an impact. Long story short, it appears another character featured on the CBS All Access series will be joining the Section 31 spinoff, mainly because he has little choice to do anything else. So, how did Ash/Voq end up getting propositioned to join the shadow Starfleet organization? Strap in for a story! (Or don't. Apparently straps aren't necessary on Starship bridges.)

"Point Of Light" checked in with Voq and L'Rell in the midst of creating the new normal in the Klingon empire, and things weren't going great. The general idea of unifying Klingon's Houses was fine, but there were those who had a problem with the fact that Voq looked like Ash Tyler. Even if he had the memories of his Klingon self, some spoke up and said they would not respect L'Rell as councilor with Voq/Ash at her side.

That wasn't the only trouble the couple was having, as L'Rell and Voq were unable to be intimate. As fans know, he still has the memories of Ash Tyler, who had a thing for Michael Burnham. Voq/Ash wanted to be there for L'Rell, but the physical relationship and love she shared when he was only Voq felt like "a violation" to him now. Voq/Ash had been in contact with Burnham, and had been informing her on restructuring the Klingons.

L'Rell was upset he confided in Burnham, and not long after their discussion, Voq/Ash discovered why. L'Rell's uncle revealed she gave birth to a child during Voq's transformation into Tyler Ash, and led him to meet the infant for the first time. Voq/Ash was shocked by the news, but later told L'Rell he was committed to her and only her and they would raise their child together.

Unfortunately, Voq/Ash wasn't the only one who learned of this secret, and a Klingon rival who opposed L'Rell's rule overheard of that, and Voq/Ash's conversation to Burnham. He kidnapped the baby and threatened to kill it unless the family turned over leadership to him and flee Klingon. Fleeing, of course, is not the Klingon way, and both parents drew their weapons and engaged in a bloody battle.

The parents put up a good fight, but were eventually overtaken. Just when it seemed to be curtains for both, Georgiou emerged and killed all the aggressors. Her aid was welcomed by L'Rell and Voq/Ash, but it had a price. Georgiou asked L'Rell if she'd be willing to kill Voq/Ash and her child to prevent them being used against her in her rule of Klingon. L'Rell declined, but Georgiou made it clear losing them wasn't a choice.

Section 31 then helped L'Rell stage the death of both Voq/Ash and the baby, and quietly took both aboard its high tech ship. Per L'Rell's wishes, the baby was sent to live amongst Klingon monks. Voq/Ash's future was unclear, but obviously his publicized death to Klingons meant he needed to keep a low profile. It was then Geogiou extended an invitation for him to join Section 31, although Ash didn't give an answer.

With that said, Georgiou seemed confident when talking to her superior that he would join, probably because he has few other options. Should the Klingons learn he's alive and L'Rell faked his executiion, it would cripple her authority in Klingon. That's something that Section 31 apparently can't allow, so Voq/Ash will either join or possibly die. One of those options is certainly better than the other, so it feels as though Voq/Ash is going to be in the spinoff.

If there is any good news in this story, it's that working for the Starfleet shadow organization may ensure Voq/Ash gets a chance at occasional adventures alongside Michael Burnham. Obviously, it's not the life he'd like to spend with her, but better than ignoring his feelings and living a life unfulfilled amongst Klingons. Of course, the Klingon half of Voq/Ash enjoyed that life, so the true tragedy is he may never truly feel a part of either world ever again.

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