Star Trek Discovery: 5 Best Moments From The New Season 2 Trailer

Season 2 of Star Trek: Discovery is moving right along, and we've finally gotten a better look at some of what the new season will have in store for fans now that another trailer has debuted. And, it looks like quite a few threats could be ahead, not just for the crew of the Discovery, but for life everywhere in the galaxy.

Along with giving us young Spock, the latest trailer spells out more of this season's story and brings back some old friends. Here are the best moments from Star Trek: Discovery's new Season 2 trailer!

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Full On Spock

We've known for a few months that Ethan Peck would be taking on the iconic role of Spock, Michael Burnham's foster brother, in the second season of Star Trek: Discovery, but the new trailer has given us our first look at him in character, and even gone beyond that to show just how important he's going to end up being in Season 2. We got a lot of Spock in the new footage, and that makes total sense, seeing as how Spock took off from the Enterprise after seeing the Red Angel and claiming that it gave him a vision. Spock's journey also seems connected to the seven mysterious red signals that Discovery (and Captain Pike, who'll be taking over command of the ship) will be trying to figure out the meaning of.

One of the very cool things I found interesting about the trailer is that I figured that a...ahem, search for Spock would last longer into the season than the trailer implies. Apparently, Spock will be found rather quickly and be able to help the Discovery crew and his captain figure out what, exactly, is going on. And, it's a good thing, too. Look at how...shaggy and unkempt he is. Spock been through some thangs, y'all. And, I hope Star Trek: Discovery spells them all out for us.

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The Red Angel's Apocalypse

Speaking of the Red Angel, we now know that this (also) mysterious being seems to act as a herald of some sort for the appearance of each of those seven red bursts. We already knew from the first Season 2 trailer that Burnham will be privy to one of these Red Angel visits, but it looks like Saru will have the privilege, as well. After returning, Spock is being debriefed by Vice Admiral Cornwell and lets her know that when the Red Angel visited him, it showed him a vision of an apocalyptic future, one where someone (or thing) has set about destroying all sentient life in the galaxy.

We still don't know who or what the Red Angel is, though, or whether or not it really is one single entity appearing to everyone or if there are several of them. If Spock's vision really was brought to him by the Red Angel, it may mean that this being is trying to help, but it's hard to tell for sure at this point. The vision could also be a trick leading into another war that might be the actual event which causes the destruction of sentient life. Which would seem to be the kind of thing the Red Angel would get up to, if it does turn out to be an Iconian. While Spock was located relatively quickly, I wouldn't be surprised if the identity of the Red Angel and what it's after take quite a bit longer to be revealed.

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Ash And Michael Make Out

Well, ooh la la! Looks like even though Ash Tyler exited stage left at the end of Season 1, he's coming back and getting at least some of his Michael-lovin' groove on. Ash headed off with L'Rell after deciding that he would try to help both the Klingons and the Federation, seeing as how he has intimate knowledge of both and felt like he didn't belong strictly to either side anymore. But the Klingon / human hybrid had developed a major thing for Michael, which seems to still be in full force when he comes around to help Discovery on this new adventure. And, looks like Michael is totally still into it, also.

While he did briefly try to kill Michael, now that his Voq personality has been removed I suppose I'm on board for this potential union and can see where Michael would be willing to forgive the sins of his original, Klingon, personality. Of course, we don't fully know if this means that L'Rell has given up on him. Even with the man she knew now totally gone and technically mourned for, if he was working closely with her as she led the Klingon High Council, she may have developed feelings for the new Ash. L'Rell appears to be featured in the trailer, as well, so we'll see if any sort of love triangle will come into play.

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Mirror Georgiou And Section 31

Star Trek: Discovery pulled a major number on fans when it killed off Michelle's Yeoh's Captain Georgiou early in Season 1. Later episodes, of course, surprised fans again by giving us her Mirror universe counterpart, the ruthless Terran empire leader whose love for her world's Michael Burnham ended up leading to our Michael saving her and vouching for her with the Federation. It turns out that this was a very good idea, because without her knowledge of the weaknesses of the Klingon empire, the Federation wouldn't have been able to finally win the war. Mirror Georgiou's contribution to the war effort led to her release, and while she seemed content to run an Orion cabaret on Qo'noS, once she was approached by Section 31, she couldn't deny her desire to use her natural powers of deception on a regular basis.

The new trailer confirms that Georgiou is now a member of Starfleet's very secretive and autonomous black-ops division. The main question now is, why have they sent her to Discovery? Is this just a stop on her way to a mission or is Discovery her final destination for a bit? Is she there under the guise of assistance, while Section 31 really knows something about the Red Angel or the signals that they're not divulging? Section 31's official position is that the Angel is dangerous, but that doesn't mean they're not working with it somehow.

With plans being worked on for a spinoff show focusing on Georgiou, it's hard to say right now how much of a part she will end up playing in Season 2, but I'm guessing that since those behind Discovery felt it was important to put her in the latest trailer, even if she's not around for long, Georgiou is going to do something important when she shows up.

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What's Attacking Tilly?

OK, I can admit that calling Tilly getting absorbed by some weird, metallic blob a "best moment" isn't exactly accurate, but it still qualifies as something that shocked the hell out of me when I saw the trailer, so we need to talk about it. Um...what is this thing? If I'm correct, events in the trailer are a bit out of order, since we see Tilly get attacked before we see the crew exploring what might be an asteroid field, where it looks like they will bring something back to the ship to be studied. These are always mistakes number one and two of any spaceship crew. Have none of these fine folks seen the ancient Earth movie classic Alien?

Obviously, the crew believes they've set up proper containment for this thing, but it looks like it's still going to get out and cause some damage, tense moments and maybe even some very real trouble for poor Tilly. I'm no expert on being absorbed by odd alien entities, but it would seem like there would be some pretty serious side effects involved, even if they manage to get you and the metal blob detached from one another. And, as with everything else in Season 2, we have to wonder if this entity has anything to do with the Red Angel or the mysterious signals.

Want to see all of this awesome Season 2 trailer for yourself? Just look below!

Season 2 of Star Trek: Discovery will hit CBS All Access on January 17, so we don't have much longer to wait for the surprises of the second season to be revealed. In the meantime, be sure to check out our midseason premiere guide so you can see what else is coming to the small screen in the new year.

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