Why One Masked Singer Contestant Originally Refused To Be On The Show

The Masked Singer The Unicorn Is Favorite

The Masked Singer already has a fanbase in countries like China, Indonesia, Thailand and more. Now, it’s rapidly building a fanbase in the U.S. and has even gotten renewed for a second season on Fox. Still, luring contestants onto the show was not always an easy prospect, and The Masked Singer’s Tori Spelling recently revealed why she originally refused to join the Fox series before ultimately signing on as the unicorn. She said:

The whole experience for me was a completely emotional experience, this emotional journey from beginning to end. I was very flattered by what Ken said but it was the whole thing. Honestly, I said no to the show three times and it kept coming back around. I only said no because two of my biggest fears are performing in front of people and singing. When I heard it was both of those, I said no. So sorry!

In her comment, Tori spelling mentions the fact that judge Ken Jeong called the Unicorn “his sentimental favorite.” Although, she was still eliminated from The Masked Singer, she now seems flattered about her portrayal on the show and happy about joining. It’s a long cry away from the Tori Spelling of a few months ago, who repeatedly told the show she would not be joining its lineup.

Now, she’s revealed to EW how she changed her mindset about The Masked Singer as Season 1 was still coming together, noting,

Then after three times, I said, ‘Okay, something here is meant to be.’ Here I am, the mother of five, two of them being female, trying to show them how you can be who you want to be. I grew up fearful, that’s who I am. I don’t want to instill that, that if it scares you don’t do it. And when I got there, oh my God it was so much scarier than I thought it would be. But how much I grew as a human being through the process! It was amazing.

We’ve previously heard that those involved with The Masked Singer had a little bit of trouble when it came to selling the series to the network and audiences, as well as the contestants. There’s a big aura of secrecy around the series and even backstage contestants wear identity-masking costumes (including giant sweatshirts) and are encouraged not to talk.

That way there is no opportunity for the identities of the contestants to be leaked anywhere, leaving plenty of opportunity for the fans at home and who are talking about the series online to totally get involved with the guessing game.

It wasn't a huge shock when Tori Spelling was revealed this past week. Although some people thought her "magical" author clues might be mentioning Lauren Conrad, ultimately, some guessed it could be Tori Spelling. Then, when she was paired with the rabbit, the lion and the alien, it was clear her demise was coming. It's not that Tori Spelling is a horrible singer and huge props in general for just signing on to this oddly exciting and watchable series, but it was her time to go, sentimental favorite or no.

If all of this sounds like it might be up your alley—it’s already up millions of alleys—you can catch new episodes of The Masked Singer on Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. ET, only on Fox.

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