The Masked Singer Definitely Eliminated The Right Contestant

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the latest episode The Masked Singer**!**

Another week of The Masked Singer has passed, and another contestant in the competition has been unmasked and removed from the show. Quite frankly, there was very little mystery who would be voted off at the end of the episode once all contestants had performed. Suffice to say, the show was right to get rid of The Unicorn, as Tori Spelling revealed herself as the person behind the mask and said goodbye.

With all due respect, Tori Spelling got a pass with her last performance and would've been eliminated her last episode had The Masked Singer not auto-tuned her performance of Britney Spears "Oops I Did It Again." She wasn't given that crutch in her next performance, but performed Icona Pop's "I Don't Care," which doesn't require much quality singing. This resulted in a far superior performance than her last outing, although not incredibly impressive.

That was especially true when measured up against the rest of the competitors, who seem like the much more talented singers in the competition. Rabbit, Alien, and Lion all killed it with their performances, which wasn't entirely surprising considering their past weeks on the program. It almost felt like the group was paired together as a way of manufacturing an exit producers anticipated. Whatever the reason behind the group matching, Spelling seemed proud of what she accomplished.

With The Unicorn out of The Masked Singer, the rest of Season 1 is shaping up to be rather competitive. Everyone left in the competition is at least a decent singer, and there are some clear standouts that could be the last ones standing as the weeks go on. Once things whittle down to the top competitors, it will be interesting to see if tensions rise as professional singers get voted off.

So, who will The Masked Singer vote off next? We may not be the best at guessing the competitors of The Masked Singer, but if votes are going on singing ability, The Raven will probably be the next eliminated. She doesn't sound like a professional singer, whereas everyone else besides her seems to be. That said, her harrowing personal story has certainly struck a chord with audiences, so there's a chance she'll hang on in the competition a bit longer.

The Masked Singer airs on Fox Wednesdays at 9:00 p.m. ET. It's just one of the many interesting shows airing throughout 2019, so be sure to head on over to our midseason premiere guide and see what all is on the way.

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