How Involved FBI Creator Dick Wolf Is With The New CBS Drama

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Dick Wolf is a busy man with a lot of shows taking over the airwaves on television. So, how involved is he with his recent co-creation, FBI? CinemaBlend’s Nick Venable was at the TCAs when FBI’s Missy Peregrym revealed the answer, saying:

He’ll come by and, you know, encourage us when we start the season. And he’s got a lot going on behind the scenes. And, you know, really when it comes to production, that’s the world that we’re in, and he’s above that. You know what I mean? We’d be happy to have him around more.

It is sweet that Dick Wolf took the time to encourage everyone when FBI got started. He certainly has lots of reasons to have understandably not been able to put in the effort.

What Missy Peregrym points out is that Dick Wolf is more involved in the behind-the-scenes portion of the show. while she and the rest of the cast are more involved in the production side of things. FBI’s Zeeko Zaki added:

He trusts he has an incredible team around him, and he trusts them. He’s got five, six, thirty, fifty shows on the air right now, I think. [laughs]

Zeeko Zaki makes an excellent point. Having as many shows as Dick Wolf has, he must be an extraordinary multi-tasker. So, how many shows does Wolf have on the air?

Well, he is the creator of the expanding Law & Order and Chicago franchises. Both of which air on NBC. FBI airs on CBS. What do they all have in common? They are all dramas, with many of them involving crime and they are all hits.

FBI is just the latest in a long line of success stories for the television producer. The freshman CBS crime thriller is already renewed for a second season, and that is not where the show’s success story ends either.

Not only has FBI been a massive success in its own right, but it has also received the green-light for a spinoff. There could be yet another Dick Wolf franchise on the horizon! Could FBI be the next NCIS for CBS? It seems like the Eye Network is definitely considering the possibility.

FBI’s spinoff will reportedly be introduced via a backdoor pilot set to air sometime this spring. It is tentatively titled FBI: Most Wanted. So, if you thought Dick Wolf was busy before, he may be about to get even busier. Wolf’s name goes a long way and viewers evidently trust his brand of entertainment.

Dick Wolf is a television staple. Were it not for the team Zeeko Zaki mentions Wolf having around him, he may not be able to have as many plates spinning as he does. Viewers undoubtedly are grateful that he has them.

FBI's first season will return with new episodes starting on February 12. That episode will find Maggie and OA on a mission to track down a criminal couple. The two are behind a string of violent armed robberies, which led to the death of an off-duty police officer, per Rotten Tomatoes.

Find out if Maggie and OA catch them when new episodes of FBI begin airing again Tuesday, Febuary 12 at 9 p.m. ET on CBS. The series is among many shows returning with new episodes during the midseason.

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